On Hellokpop Playlist: ATEEZ Concludes An Era But Welcomes Another With “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE”

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ATEEZ officially concludes their FEVER series, a musical journey encapsulating the heated emotions of youth during the brightest moments of life.

ATEEZ part ways with their FEVER series, a string of albums that took an in-depth exploration of the trials and tribulations of youth. While their newest release titled, ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE, may signal the end of a journey, it also marks the exciting beginning of a new era.


ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE is a culmination of the overarching themes ATEEZ explored throughout this series.

With this project, the group not only boasts their diverse discography but displays their strengths in versatility and concept digestion. With ATEEZ, fans can hardly know what to expect; the group delivers one transformative surprise after another.

However, this is part of their charm. The only thing fans can anticipate with certainty is that the group will continually pivot and grow, pushing their performances and music beyond its limits.

Their new release is evidence of this, including brand new songs as well as remixed versions of fan-favorites performed during their appearances on Kingdom. By pairing their unreleased tracks with the new, the album creates a refreshing and harmonious listen.


“Turbulence” is the album’s opening song as well as one of this era’s double title tracks. The rock ballad delivers the sentiments of youth through its more yearning and whimsical melodies. Its chorus, driven by a mix of Jongho, San, and Seonghwa’s powerhouse ranges, imparts the emotions of the track to the listener.

The lyrics provide comfort to the listener as it explores the difficulties of life. Rather than promising that there will be ease in the challenges listeners’ may face, the track conveys the message that there is always someone with you in the most turbulent moments of your life.

With messages like, “It’s okay to be here, just as we are”, the song is a soothing balm to the soul, a warm hug on a cold and tiring day, and the answer many look for when they feel at their most lost.

Meanwhile, its accompanying music video provides rich scenes that open more of ATEEZ’s complex worldview. As their first music video without choreography, the central focus moves to the members’ strong acting skills.

Alone in various parts of the city, ATEEZ communicates the loneliness of the night. As Wooyoung takes flight, the music video ascends from darkness into the dawn of a new day, promising that after the bleakness there will be light.

“Be With You”

Perhaps one of ATEEZ’s strongest and most beautifully produced ballad yet, “Be With You” was an apt follow-up to “Turbulence”. The track provides a platform for the members’ vocals which have only soared in skill since their debut.

Its more minimal instrumentals, driven by piano and strings, are no less beautiful than their fuller tracks. However, the song allows the attention to remain on ATEEZ’s voices and harmonization which truly deserve this moment to shine.

“The Letter”

“The Letter” is a fitting title for the album’s sweetly penned track, radiating gratitude and love. ATINY can interpret the track as the members’ own letter to them, celebrating the journey they walked together. The melodic R&B tune showcases the type of artist ATEEZ is as they croon to fans, “I’ll make you smile by your side.”

“Still Here (Korean Version)”

Following its original Japanese release, “Still Here (Korean Version)” brightens the album with its pop melody. One of their more sentimental releases, the track speaks of a fated connection and love that remains constant in a changing world.

“Better (Korean Version)”

Another one of ATEEZ’s more uplifting tracks, “Better (Korean Version)”, adds to the hopeful messages that this album communicates. Providing comfort and company in difficult times, ATEEZ reassures listeners that they are not alone during dark times.

Furthermore, the song encourages fans to keep going along their journey despite how disheartening it may seem because all will get “better”.

“The Real (Heung Version)”

If “Turbulence” encapsulates the more difficult aspects of youth, “The Real (Heung Version)” embodies the more playful and defiant side. This version of the track amplifies the traditional Korean sounds of the track, while maintaining the new-style swagger of the original for ATEEZ’s confident anthem.

Similarly, the music video includes a blend of traditional and modern, featuring hanbok styling but also technical editing effects that mimic that of an anime or hero film.

The storyline explores the tension between differing crowds at the “ATEEZ High School”, culminating in a grand moment of peace and celebration as the song reaches its apex.

“WAVE (Overture)”

This remix reinvents one of ATEEZ’s most popular summer hits. “WAVE (Overture)”  turns their cheerful, sunny tune into one suited for a pirate journey. With the string ensemble adding to the suspense of the song while the punctuated bass darkens the track further, this song reminds listeners of ATEEZ’s more sinister conceptual roots.

“WONDERLAND (Symphony No.9 ‘From The Wonderland’)”

Subsequently, “WONDERLAND (Symphony No.9 ‘From The Wonderland’)”, reinforces the group’s pirate storyline even further. The brass instrumentals coupled with flutes reinforce their journeying sound. The remix is a tribute to ATEEZ’s complex storyline that continues to evolve after every release.

“Answer (Ode to Joy) [feat. LA POEM]”

As a fan-favorite, fans were thrilled to see “Answer” grace the Kingdom stage. Now, the track finds another home in ATEEZ’s latest album. This version includes the classical vocal group, LA POEM, who only heighten the song’s epically grand sound in their haunting string-backed feature.

“Outro: Over The Horizon”

To conclude the album, “Outro: Over The Horizon” highlights a narrative spoken by KQ labelmate, MADDOX. The track recalls the excitement of the members’ journey so far and the hope for the future. Stating, “We now arise to a new path…to the place where our treasure lies”, the outro raises fans’ curiosity for a new chapter with ATEEZ.

Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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