On Hellokpop Playlist: ATEEZ Delivers Youthful Whimsy With “Dreamers”

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“Dreamers” is at once nostalgic appreciation for the road already travelled and ambitious hope for the journey ahead.

ATEEZ delivers a stunning pre-release of their music video for their newest Japanese track, “Dreamers”. While their first Japanese single album of the same name will not release until July 28, the group surprised fans by unveiling the music video early. The music video and the track itself, which is the ending theme song for the anime Digimon Adventure, deliver an encouraging message to those striving for their dreams.


The music video for “Dreamers” single-handedly delivers what fans love most about the group’s summer releases: beautiful cinematography, subtle nods to their conceptual storyline, and shots of ATEEZ having fun together.

Though less buoyant than their previous summer-centric hit, “WAVE”, “Dreamers” holds a whimsical appeal that stands firmly on its own.

On The Path With ATEEZ

The first scene opens with ATEEZ’s leader, Hongjoong, holding a mysterious glass cube. The video introduces the radiating cube as a key object in ATEEZ’s vast storyline. It was briefly shown in “ILLUSION” and on Mingi’s ring during “THANXX”, though its exact use still remains unrevealed.


As the video continues, ATEEZ unveils an uplifting track with a heartwarming message. “Dreamers”, as its title indicates, is a gift of encouragement to those reaching for their dreams. The track includes motivating words, insisting that one’s destiny is theirs to change and limitations can be broken. Touching lyrics include, “Talent is born from belief” and “We’ll never get lost/Because we run through together”.

As such, the song is both one of encouragement but one of faith– ATEEZ pushes listeners insistently on their journey to achieve their goals but offers unwavering confidence that they can reach them.

The acoustic-driven instrumentals match the season of the song perfectly. Moreover, the members’ vocal strengths are able to shine in the song. From Jongho’s powerful voice to Yeosang’s saccharine additions in the verses, the song provides every member’s unique colors a moment in the spotlight.

While the beginning of the video showed ATEEZ navigating a dense forest, the end shows the members reaching a picturesque beach. During the lyrics, “As long as you’re by my side/ Our dreams come true”, leader Hongjoong watches lovingly as the members frolic in the waves together.

While the track is a fitting theme song for Digimon Adventure, fans will find that it is also a beautiful dedication from ATEEZ to one another. Moreover, it is an inspiring message to fans that they too can be dreamers who achieve their biggest hopes.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ’s first Japanese single album, Dreamers, releases July 28.

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Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment | Columbia Japan