On Hellokpop Playlist: B.I Takes Breaths Away With His Beguiling Release “Midnight Blue”

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B.I is back and with some beautiful and heartwarming melodies through his much-awaited solo release Midnight Blue (LOVE STREAMING)!

After amplifying the excitement of his fans with the announcement of his solo album, B.I has arrived with some harmonious tunes that are both comforting and compelling. The rapper-singer unveiled Midnight Blue (LOVE STREAMING) and to say that this release was highly anticipated would truly be an understatement. 

B.I Midnight Blue

The album features three tracks in total including “Midnight Blue”. Each of the tracks spotlight the versatility of the artist in an authentic way.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that B.I tugs at heartstrings with his ambient lead track. “Like the lyrics “I will cover your heart with a blanket in the dark midnight”, I hope this track can be a comfort to anyone who is enduring its wound alone”, is what the sweet idol had elucidated prior to the release of “Midnight Blue”.

And he does indeed deliver a sense of solace as he serenades with his honeyed vocals amidst a soft piano melody. 

The lyricism of this track is poignant to simply say so. The music video for the same, only furthers its heartfelt feel through its emotional stills.

The clip captures with its retro style animation that brings the moving message of the song to life in quite a sublime way. It unfolds a stirring narrative of a young, wounded boy, and his wish to be loved and comforted. The video is a perfect representation of the track. It navigates through the sentimental notes of the song in the most soul-stirring way.

“Midnight Blue” is a beautiful piece that is akin to a warm hug on a cold day. It is a track that is thoughtful, touching, and a testament to B.I’s musical genius. 

ikon hanbin

Besides this euphonious number, the album features two more tracks. It includes the songs titled, “Remember me” and “Blossom”. The artist yet again charms listeners with his airy vocals and the tracks’ sincere lyricism. 

On the album, B.I presents refreshing mastered and mixed versions of the two demos he also pre-released on SoundCloud. He enraptures with tracks backed with lilting melodies that only highlight his unique vocals with absolute élan.

“Remember me” features soft and serene guitar strums that aesthetically back B.I’s husky notes. The track is impressive and one whose innate beauty lies in its simplicity. The breezy guitar instrumental conjures a certain pathos that is further reflective in Hanbin’s musical style.

Though the versatile artist impresses with his soft rap verse on this track, it is the sensitivity of his vocals that mainly shines through. Overall, B.I ensures that “Remember Me” remains an unforgettable track and one etched into the hearts and minds of listeners!

ikon b.i

In contrast to the first two tracks, “Blossom” features a more upbeat rhythm. However, the essence of the track is surely one that will hit listeners right in those feels. 

Hanbin truly enchants with his sweet breathy notes and crisp rap verses. In the song, he bids farewell to his love while also thanking the person for loving him. He is sure to tug at heartstrings as he brings forth lines such as, “I will stay in your dreams under the moonlight/ I will be gone when it’s dawn again”. 

The song is aptly named as B.I showcases that he has indeed blossomed into a perceptive artist who continues to inspire his fans and this is an undeniable fact to say the least. Even with this latest project, the loveable idol aims to give back to the community as the album revenue will be donated to charities working for children in need.

B.I Midnight Blue

All in all, with this latest release, B.I certainly indicates that he unequivocally personifies the term ‘idol’ in every sense. 

Photo and Video Credits To: 131 Label