On Hellokpop Playlist: E’LAST U Makes An Enchanting Debut With “Remember”

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E’LAST U is here with its magnetic new song, ready to capture eyes, ears and hearts with its brilliant release!

The digital single Remember marks the start of E’LAST’s first unit project, E’LAST U, which consists of members Choi In, Romin, Seungyeop and Wonjun. It presents a different appeal from that of the full group and allows the four artists to shine in a new light.


“The Beginning of Spring” depicts the pain of a wound from a past love. While the track has future bass-based arrangements and familiar melodies, it also creates a unique and elegant atmosphere based on a three-quarter beat.

The lyrics tell of a breakup, implying that it happened at the beginning of spring, the season that is associated with a new beginning and chances. Although it may be considered an ending, the separation of lovers can also be taken as a new start.

The song creates a beautiful atmosphere despite its sad lyrics. They unfold the memories that the broken heart keeps and worries that arise after the moment of goodbye.

In particular, the members perfectly portray those emotions with their musical sensibility. We get to witness the synergy between the four individuals, who come together to bring us this tasteful piece.

For those who felt a connection to the track’s melody, the single also includes an instrumental version.

Enthralling with a magnetic music video and eye-catching performance

Looking at the music video, E’LAST U shows us a simple yet outstanding setting on a beautiful beachside, with nothing but nature around. The boys match the scenery as they fit right in with their own gorgeous visuals.

In addition, the unit showcases an intense dance while singing about pain. Also, the members’ movements are precise and elegant, once again proving their attention to detail and delivery.

Overall, the clip focuses on the mesmerizing choreography and surroundings. The artists don’t need anything flashy to give this song a unique appeal. They effortlessly achieved it through their singing, rap and dance alone.

E’LAST as a whole group is especially remarkable when it comes to dance routines. They manage to captivate viewers by unfolding a story and this unit manages to display that exact charm in its own way.

This exciting debut is a way to highlight more of the four members’ talents, outside of their group. Seungyeop’s unique timbre in his voice and high notes send shivers, while Romin stands out with his clear and unshakable voice.

Then we have dancer Choi In who not only captivates with his beautifully executed movements but also with his own gentle and sweet tones. Last, but undoubtedly not least, Wonjun stands out with his ability to sing and rap equally well, while showcasing a different feel through both.

In conclusion, E’LAST U is a unit you would not want to miss checking out!

Video & Image credit: E Entertainment