On Hellokpop Playlist: GHOST9 “PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR” Is An Exquisite Compilation of Powerful Anthem That Simply Captivates

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Prepare to get redeemed by the sonic charms and diversity of GHOST9, and their album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR!

With a great number of artists releasing albums almost every day, it can be easy to miss the real gems. Some were hidden, while some seizes the spotlight that they truly deserve. Taking this into account, the shining rookie group GHOST9, is marching into within-reach stardom, and is aiming for their place in the competitive industry.


Of all the rookie acts that made an impression this year, GHOST9 deserves a special mention. Creeping their way through the scene, the group pushes forward its experimental style, futuristic approach and tenacity. They are indeed a certainly one to watch, to name one reason, is for their avant-garde avenue.

The nine-piece act, under MAROO Entertainment, debuted on September 23 with the thundering music video of “Think of Dawn”. Through cutting-edge aesthetics, its music video showcased the act’s dynamic vocals and raps.

From being in a state of reverie, the powerful anthem brings listeners into a topsy-turvy intro, yet has the capacity to empower. In both it’s lyrics and musical structure, “Think of Dawn” is turbulent and unstoppable.

“PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR” – A representation of a fine finish made to empower

Multitude of instruments definitely set the mood for their album. But amidst the slam-bang and carefree repercussion are six cross-genre tracks; “Vision”, “Think of Dawn”, “Reborn”, “It’s gonna be hot”, “Lay back”, and “Flying at Night” — that declare the team’s awakening desire.

Produced cognate with a cinematic film, PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR is in an episodic form, which contains banger K-pop classic-sounding hits that simply encapsulate a fearless manifestation.

As what the theme says, they will fuel at dawn and shine even brighter —  an encouraging phrase from the song “There’s nothing to be afraid of, defeat it all”. Their message is loud and clear: They don’t have time to hesitate, the world is theirs.

Featuring elements that are addicting and has a resounding impact, the album serves as a medium for more spectacular performances. Once the battle cry beyond the sun has begun, there’s no turning back.

While still waiting for their big breakout, GHOST9 is by far showing their potential to jump out from the K-pop crowd. Their future looks bright, and we can’t wait to see them get on the road to bigger success.

You can follow GHOST9 on  Twitter Instagram, and  YouTube. Check out their debut album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR on Spotify too.You can follow GHOST9 on  Twitter Instagram, and  YouTube. Check out their debut album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR on Spotify too.

Photos | Video: MAROO Entertainment