On Hellokpop Playlist: MAMAMOO’s Wheein Delivers A Sparkling Solo Release With Mini-Album “WHEE”

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Wheein dazzles in her second mini-album release, WHEE, showcasing her talents and charisma as a solo artist.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein makes her return with, WHEE. This is the artist’s second solo mini-album and the first under her new agency, THE L1VE. Containing six tracks, the project includes lyrics penned by Wheein herself, as well as THE L1VE’s founder and VIXX’s Ravi.


Wheein first showcased her musical identity as a soloist in 2019 with Soar. The single album was a poignant introduction to her talents as an individual act, highlighting her vocal strengths and emotional sentiments. The project included songs “Goodbye” and “Soar”, featuring Sik-K.

Subsequently, Wheein released her first mini-album Redd, last year. Composed of seven tracks, the mini-album displayed her versatility in a blend of groovy songs and ballads.

Adding to her growing discography is WHEE, which reinforces the singer’s skills and emerging soloist identity. As a whole, WHEE, delivers soothing melodies with Wheein’s angelic vocals, culminating to form a mid-tempo, easy-listening delight.

“오묘해 (Make Me Happy)”

“Make Me Happy” is the title track headlining, WHEE. Notably, it was penned and composed by RAVI, the founder of Wheein’s current label and member of VIXX. As its name suggests, the song is a serotonin boost uplifting the moods of listeners with its upbeat but peaceful tune. Coupled with heavy bass and a catchy hook, “Make Me Happy” is a bright release perfect for the incoming spring season.

In parallel with the spring vibe of the track, the music video features various scenes of Wheein surrounded by flowers and butterflies. As such, the video evokes a similar bright but calming atmosphere.

“Pink Cloud”

“Pink Cloud” is the charming follow-up to the project’s title. Against a guitar-driven melody, Wheein croons, “Like a pink cloud / Let me shine”. The song’s biggest appeal is in Wheein’s voice itself, which fluctuates between higher and deep notes. The contrast brings attention to her talent as a vocalist but also calls attention to Wheein’s angelic vocal color.

“Letter Filled With Light”

“Letter Filled With Light” is another guitar-heavy song and perhaps the mini-album’s most soothing. While the instrumentals are more minimal, the song is fuller with Wheein’s harmonizations consistently added throughout the duration of the track. The song is an extension of “Springtime” from her last mini-album release, REDD.

The track references the name of the singer which means ‘shining light’ and is written as a letter, communicating Wheein’s love for her fans.

“Deserve (Interlude)”

“Deserve (Interlude)” is a brief interlude, but impactful in its jazzier melody and deeper instrumentals.


As the standout in the album, “파스텔” rivals “Make Me Happy” as title track material. The song is evidence of Wheein’s strong vocal expression, delivering more playful, high tones in its chorus and contemplative deeper tones in the verses. As a result, the song almost sounds conversational, captivating listeners until the very end. Meanwhile, the refreshing drum additions make the track even more lively.


Lastly, “Paraglide” concludes the album on a strong note. The tranquil ballad is slower in pace, almost lulling. Yet Wheein’s voice takes the forefront here, keeping fans engaged with high notes that shine a light on her sentimental expressions.

Whee In

As a whole, WHEE serves fans with rich songs that emphasize Wheein’s unique voice. While the mini-album may not be the loudest or fast-paced project to emerge, the charm is in its soothing whimsy and the peace that the singer’s voice creates for listeners.

Regarding her comeback, Wheein shared, “Thanks to the love and attention of our Moomoos, my colleagues and I were able to wholeheartedly focus on this project. As much as I’ve laid bare my emotions and thoughts in this album, I hope my voice will reach your hearts and many of you will find the songs relatable.”

She concluded, “Through my upcoming album promotions, I’ll concentrate on showing the various sides of me. I ask for your continued interest and support!

PR Source: Helix Publicity

Image and Video Source: THE L1VE

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