On Hellokpop Playlist: PENTAGON Weaves A Masterpiece With “WE:TH”

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PENTAGON recently released their comeback album WE:TH that swept away wins as well as hearts!

PENTAGON released their 10th mini album WE:TH. The title combines words “WE” and “TH,” which holds a heartwarming meaning at its core. The album sets out to capture all the moments and emotions that “WE feel while living TOGETHER”.

WE:TH features five tracks in total, namely, “Beautiful Goodbye”, “Nostalgia”, “You Like”, “Paradise” and it is led by the chart topper “Daisy”. Each of the tracks highlight the members’ musical capabilities in the most breathtaking manner. The album is wonderful as it ensures a delightful listening experience thanks to PENTAGON’s powerful rhythms.

A Musical Masterpiece

The mini album is one that holds the attentions of listeners one track after another. Showcasing an array of musical styles through each of the five tracks is impressive to state the least. WE:TH will surely takes fans on an evocative journey with each song. 

Starting off with the high octane lead track, “Daisy”, right off the bat, one can figure out that this track is an absolute banger! The broody guitar in the start of the track sets the emotive tone for the track before diving right into those alt rock tones. The group executes this track with finesse and there is certainly no denying that.

Listeners are treated to beautiful breathy notes and pristine falsettos as well as statement rap verses through “Daisy”. Moreover, its chorus is catchy to put it quite simply especially with its repetitive “Kkeojimariya Kkeojimariya“. 

Next, “Beautiful Goodbye” is more upbeat in its sound style. It boasts of an addictive electro-pop melody backed by guitars and bass. The lyricism is an expression of having loved and lost yet retaining the beautiful memories of the relationship. Unlike its title, this isn’t a track one may be able to say goodbye to!

“Nostalgia” expresses the emotions one feels when they revisit a memory from the past. The track, with its lilting melody brings forth sentimentality with an air of endearment.

“You Like” is a track that everyone will not just like but love. This song pleasantly surprises in its musical style as it leans into a bright piano melody that suddenly alters into an intense hip-hop beat. This song is quite to put it quite simply, is lit.

“Paradise” is reminiscent of early 2000s club tracks with its old-school electro-pop beat. This gives the song a very vibrant vibe. The heavy bass layered with the melody makes for a fun listening experience. 

The album contains a diverse spectra of genres from rock, electro pop to ballad, that not only stuns but also solidifies PENTAGON’s position as a powerhouse group. The group redefines versatility especially with WE:TH. They truly captivate listeners with their stories that they relay through their melodies.


Meanwhile, PENTAGON is all set to set the stage alight with some of their dazzling performances. The group will be holding their online concert WE L:VE that will be taking place next month on Sunday, November 29 at 3 PM KST. Tickets as well as special packages for PENTAGON’s exciting online concert are on sale via Interpark.

Photo | Video Source: Cube Entertainment