On Hellokpop Playlist: SHINee’s Key Transforms To A Retro King In 1st Mini Album “BAD LOVE”

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Key takes every Shawol and Lockets on a trip to our inner space in this remarkable mini-album!


SHINee’s Key returns with his first solo mini-album BAD LOVE and global Shawol are definitely experiencing another level of coolness!

The all-rounder presents what’s described to be a retro cosmic delight after about two and a half years since the release of the repackaged album I Wanna Be in March 2019. This time, our Key-ro arrives with an out-of-this-world treat that had every listener at the edge of their seats.

The mini-album BAD LOVE consists of a total of six tracks including the title song of the same name. According to Key, this is an album which he made with hard work and passion, with the hopes that the more people could enjoy listening to it, the prouder he would be.

BAD LOVE portrays a retro space and is like the musical representation of Key’s personality. And it absolutely screams Kim Kibum all throughout as it’s filled with the kind of taste the fashionista idol would want to introduce people to.


The title track of the mini album BAD LOVE is a pop dance song with an intense synth sound. Its exciting beat presents a strong retro mood that perfectly fits with Key’s stunning vocal tune. “BAD LOVE” is a song that describes a love that goes sweeter yet more dangerous and bitter like poison.

In specific, the lyrics that go “Don’t need that kind of love called love / (Run away further, it’s bad love) / I’m sick and tired of this bad love / Don’t need that kind of love called love / (Curse more and harder to this bad love) / There isn’t a piece of you in me / A love so bad,” expresses the confusing emotions of being inside a toxic yet satisfying relationship. The retro theme and sound also further double the charm of the song. It’s also a must to mention how smooth and natural Key belts those high notes like an astronaut ready to blast off to space.

SHINee Key BAD LOVE 1st Mini Album

Yellow Tape

Listening to “Yellow Tape” after the title track is like a smashing uppercut! With a full agreement to the song, “Yellow Tape” really takes every Shawol’s breath away with its groovy tune and trendy melody. The song is an absolute magnificence and how it is exactly the kind of music that encapsulates Key’s perfection is splendor, to say the least.

Hate that…

Just like how “Hate that…” depicts the lingering feelings after a breakup, this pre-release still wonders in everyone’s minds even later than the album’s release. In particular, this R&B genre song with an impressive tender guitar melody and sophisticated rhythm successfully portrays the selfish hopes of a person from an ex-lover to refrain from being happy.

SHINee Key SNSD Taeyeon Pre Release Single Hate That

The fact that Taeyeon and Key’s voices are entirely different from each other in terms of tones and singing styles, yet still resulting in majestic harmony at the latter part of the song was superb.


The first second of Key’s voice is just *chef’s kiss*! It’s a powerful English track that visibly highlights Key’s versatility as a singer. Those high notes in the chorus are phenomenal, well, we’re talking about the Kim Kibum, so it’s a total given! But the part where the song slowly increases in intensity and then explodes in the next chorus is a delightful sass.

Specifically, the lyrics “Out here drowning for you, no I can’t get enough” are exactly what every Shawol and Lockets would want to say to Key.

Saturday Night

Key wrote the lyrics for “Saturday Night” with a poetic sense such as writing a novel. It’s a story of how a person would go through a breakup during the COVID-19 period. The difficult time of enjoying a Saturday night while experiencing heartbreak is the main point of the song. Its groovy melody seems to be describing the sad emotions the protagonist is trying to hide while at a party, but it’s not getting better easily.

Through verses like, “I don’t think I can dance on a Saturday night / This Saturday night is pointless / Without you / The last beat that changes roughly / There is no thrill to this fun / Without you,” the multitalented singer expresses the difficulty in pretending that you are having fun, when in reality, you are broken.

SHINee Key BAD LOVE 1st Mini Album

Eighteen (End Of My World)

This track honestly hits differently. As Key seems to be writing a letter to himself at the age of 18, listening to the song makes us want to have a serious conversation with our younger self as well.

Key debuted with SHINee in May 2008. And at a young age, he started to be showered with lots of love but also was challenged emotionally and physically. As the lyrics go, “Don’t let it all fall down / Fly more as you dream / My Eighteen / My Eighteen / Don’t let it all fall down / Fly without limit / My Eighteen / My Eighteen,” Key wanted his younger self to continue pushing forward to his dreams. And look where he is now with SHINee. Lots of ups and downs may have tried to break them up, but they just come back stronger and more amazing than ever.

Run away from a bad love with Key

The return of the SHINee aces as a retro king flurries all throughout every scene in the music video for “BAD LOVE”. In particular, the music video perfectly portrays Key’s unique style and freshness.

The astounding singer takes himself in the middle of disco balls that further exceed his fabulousness. The first few seconds of him nailing the song’s choreography was absolute madness. No wonder Key is an all-rounder who does many amazing things. All in all, Key proves why global fans fall for him over and over again with his unique musicality, excellent skills, and stylish charm.

Be captivated with Key’s BAD LOVE album here:

Image and Video Source: SM Entertainment