On Hellokpop Playlist: UP10TION Paints An Emotional Story of Love and Regrets In 10th Mini-Album “Novella”

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UP10TION welcomed the new year with their latest mini album Novella, telling stories of loving and hurt.

TOP Media’s prized boy group UP10TION marked an impressive return to the music scene with their tenth mini-album Novella on January 3. It’s been almost two months since the boys released their record and we can’t stop listening to it. Containing six tracks, the project includes musical pieces penned and composed by the members themselves.

UP10TION Novella

“Give Love”

Kicking off UP10TION’s latest EP is “Give Love.” Characterized with deep house sounds, harmonies, basslines, and intoxicating beatS, the first track features the members’ compelling vocals. Progressive and powerful, “Give Love” is the strong piece that sets the tone for the whole album.

“Crazy About You”

“Crazy About You” is the title track bannering the group’s tenth mini album Novella. Characterized as a pop ballad song, UP10TION’s latest offering encapsulates the feelings of regrets and lingering affections after letting that special someone go.

Just in time for the winter, this sentimental track from the group hits close to home. With lyrics “I was too young/ Was too foolish/  But you’re still a part of me/ How was I oblivious to your heart” and “My life was full of you/ But I’d long forgotten those days/ Such a fool I was/ All traces of the memories/ Would they all be erased/ The regrets linger” perfectly speaks of heartache and nostalgia.

Even though the song is overall sad, it has a fresh and resonant melody that has a soothing effect. It provides a smooth and vivid listening experience. They have a special way of crafting the words that tugs the heart. Through this emotional work, the members vocals  are further highlighted.

Unlike their previous songs, “Crazy About You”‘s slower tempo gives a a unique and even elegant effect to the song as the boys sing of their sentiments of a failed relationship. This showcases the members abilities to a greater extent. For me, this I think is one of the most beautiful releases of UP10TION to date, an absolute banger.

Warm and aesthetically-pleasing, the music video for this piece features the members in a love museum. There are also memorable and gorgeous paintings that serve as the pop of color. The flashback scenes with the members looking all romantic provide a delicate and nostalgic feel to it.

The boys even manage to present a chic and sleek choreography with such heartbreaking song. The intricate and little details give it a much delicate touch, especially the part in the chorus where they are standing with only their hands moving across their face, it’s just chef’s kiss.


Next up is “Pandora”, a hip-hop focused track with prominent dope raps. This fast-paced song gives off a dark vibe. The boys’ harmonization works well even with this kind of genre. There are also good dynamics that blends well with the strained instrumentals.


Upbeat and straightforward, “Incredible” is a track that speaks about falling in love. It is a funky pop track that fuses disco sounds. The song has a unique blend of vocals and raps that makes you groove to the beat.


“Fall” is a pop rock track that expresses feelings of detachment and emotions of missing someone so bad. The boys sing of lyrics “I’m afraid I’ll think of you more today because I’m alone/ I can’t fall asleep/ If you hugged me tight for a moment, it’d be good/ It would be better.” Emotional and melodic, the members’ mellow and soothing vocals perfectly compliment the track’s beauty.

“Sad Ending”

Capping off the album on a sentimental note, “Sad Ending” is what exactly the title implies. It is an R&B ballad song that talks about longing for someone and hoping to work things out, even though there is never a chance. With lyrics “Yes, I can’t forget you yet/ Every night my thoughts wander around you/ I hope you feel the same way I do/ I’m holding onto the fading memories/ Oh baby, I want you/ Whisper to me, let’s go back to that time”, UP10TION performs yet another heartbreaking piece that is filled with poignant and piercing emotions. The rhythmic and resounding raps combined with the smooth and well-modulated vocalization makes the listening experience profound. 

Overall, Novella served fans with diverse songs that illuminates UP10TION’s diverse and tremendous musical talents. Every track has its own distinctiveness in terms of the emotions it delivered and invoked to the listeners. Through this album, it further proved that the group have so much more to offer, deeming the amount of work they put in composing and writing the lyrics of the tracks. We can see how much the boys have worked for their comeback.

Making it one of their best albums, Novella has perfectly showcased the different sides of UP10TION and their limitless talents in singing and performing. 

Source: TOP Media