ONF’s Laun: “I’ve Dreamed Of Becoming A Big Singer Like BTS”

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Laun was very modest while talking about BTS!

On August 2, new boy group ONF held a showcase on the occasion of the release of its debut album titled ON/OFF.

ONF Twitter

At the event, the band’s member, Laun, expressed his modesty while mentioning popular group BTS, saying: “I trained with BTS. I was 14 years old back then. I was young and lacking in many ways.”

ONF Twitter

The idol showed his sincere admiration to Big Hit Entertainment’s dashing boy band.

He said: “I’ve dreamed of becoming a big singer like BTS. I am still a fan of them. I want to show good performances like them. As a trainee who trained with them, I am glad for their success.”

Under the promotion of WM Entertainment, ONF includes seven members, namely Hyo Jin, E Tion, J-US, WYATT, MK, U, and Laun.

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