“Our Blues” Lead Stars and Showrunners Impart Filming Stories and Heartening Messages To Expect In The Series

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The star-studded cast of the highly anticipated series, Our Blues, gathered at the recent drama presentation.

Writer Noh Hee Kyung and PD Kim Kyu Tae provided insightful ideas about the creative process of Our Blues. Meanwhile, representing the 14 main characters in the press conference are Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin.

Our Blues narrates the comforting story of people who are faced with different aspects of their lives: the peak, bottom, or beginning. An omnibus drama based on warm, lively Jeju Island and its rough, cold sea with ordinary but different people and their beautiful lives.

The series will air on the 9th of April, with 20 episodes to unravel its heart-warming stories of all 14 characters somehow intertwined. Wonder how many of these stories will resemble your own? You will just have to watch it all and find out! Here are three main takeaways mentioned at the press conference held before the premiere.

A Unique Drama Format and Storytelling

Set in Jeju Island, the destination of all dreams and summer holidays, Our Blues narrates the stories of 14 characters who are somehow connected through the Seopseop 5-day Market of the Pureung village – some are friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Each episode tells the story from the point of view of one or two characters in focus, with the rest of all 14 characters in the same universe.

Therefore, in every episode, you will be taking a glimpse of a character’s life that used to be the main story in a previous episode.

It enables viewers to distance themselves from the character and observe in their own way – a very unique and different take of storytelling, which is comparable to other k-dramas that revolve around one or two main characters and plotlines.

The writer of Our Blues, Noh Hee Gyoung, intends to send a warm message that supports all lives of all living beings through this omniverse narrative.

“The form of omnibus storytelling is something I always wanted to try in dramas. I couldn’t understand why all stories revolve around a man and a woman, when in actual life, we are all main

Our Blues

Remarkable Cast and Synergy

Renowned actor Lee Byung-Hun will perform a different color from his previous roles of extreme charisma. In Our Blues, he plays the innocent character Lee Dong-seok, a truck driver born and raised on Jeju Island.

Lee states at the press conference, “I have always hoped to work with Noh Hee Gyoung,” and that he was captivated by all the characters of the omnibus genre.”

Shin Min A will be portraying Min Seon. For the first time in her career, she challenges a role of a mother who had to leave her child and move to Jeju island. It will be
interesting to see how Shin Min A will play this new role.

“Min Seon-ah is a character dwelling in her pain. This is my first role as a mother. There was more pressure for me to present her emotional changes rather then being a mother. I felt her pain and motivation to overcome the pain.”

It has been six years since Kim Woo Bin returned to the k-drama scene, which is why fans are all eagerly waiting for his comeback through Our Blues.

He plays Park Jeong-jun, a romantic man living a busy life, from driving off the haenyeos (sea divers in Jeju Island who harvests sea life) to working and selling fish at the market and the auction.

The actor reveals, “To understand the context of my character, I went to live in Jeju Island for a while, met a captain, followed the haenyeos to their work and even learned how to cut open fish at the fish market,” which increases expectations for his role as Park Jeong-jun.

All eager to work with Writer Noh, Han Ji Min conveys an aspect of the storytelling to be revealed in the series.

“About the strength of Writer Noh, as a viewer and a fan, her shows don’t revolve around amazing people. It’s always about just ordinary people who we daily come across. But she paints them in a picture that makes them feel special.”

A Story For All

Painting a relatable story, the lead stars and creative team take turns to emphasize the message and healing value of the stories.

Lee Byung-Hun said “This story happens in a specific setting of Jeju, but it also involves emotions such as sadness and hope, which is what everyone goes through in life.

This story contains all of these emotions that people can all relate to” as one reason to look forward to the series. Shin Min A added, “I hope the hopeful message of the series will reach
out to many people”.

PD Kim also notes the comforting feel overflowing in the series.

“As you watch the drama you may find yourself wanting to become happy or you may find yourself feeling happier as you watch it. I want this drama to be a heartwarming and happy experience for all of our viewers.”

Explaining the meaning of the drama title, Writer Noh relayed its origin came from the folk music genre “blues”. She mentioned how there is a motion from sadness to happiness in the music.

“It was sad and I wanted our story to be a celebration, not a sad story but a story of hope even if there is pain. If you listen to music your sadness goes away very quickly no matter how sad you are and the feeling stays with you so I wanted to share this aspect through music.”

Our Blues is ready to provide a wonderful experience to viewers – packed with solid narratives and mega an ensemble cast, only released on Netflix April 9th.

Our Blues

PR Source: Netflix

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