“Pandora: Beneath The Paradise” Rolls Out Intriguing Launch Week

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tvN’s Pandora: Beneath The Paradise kicked off last weekend with an enthralling flavor and puzzle-laden plot!

For its opening week, the series acquainted viewers with an assassination event 15 years ago that would affect a close-knit friendship circle.

At the center of the story is Hong Tae-ra portrayed by Lee Ji Ah. Her life is worth envying. She has a capable husband, an adorable daughter and an established life.

However, she does not have memories of her past. For 15 years, she has lived a seemingly perfect life.

But one day, her memories resurface, and her identity as an ace assassin does not sit well with her idyllic life.

To make her situation worse, she was assumed to be dead. Thus, she’s on a deadly journey to stay alive to protect her family.

Married to a presidential aspirant and former tech company chairman, Pyo Jae-hyun (Lee Sang Yoon); Tae-ra is yet to prove if her husband’s promised words of loving her unconditionally will come true.

Also, her past life as an assassin is responsible for the death of a former president who is also Go Hae-soo’s (jang Hee Jin) father. At present, she is a dear friend.

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Vaunting signature elements that intensify a revenge genre, the interesting characters have enigmatic stories to tell.

Considering the detailed limning of the characters, the solid opening week of Pandora: Beneath The Paradise propelled such an irresistible invitation to look forward to its promising story.

Watch Hong Tae-ra protect her family and loved ones in the thrilling story of Pandora: Beneath The Paradise! International fans can watch it on Disney+!