Park Bo Gum Parades Adorable A-Cut Photos From Eider CF Shoot

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Suave and playful, Park Bo Gum teases with A-cut photos from a recent CF shoot.

For his endorsement deal with clothing brand Eider, Park Bo Gum sported winter jackets in various designs and hues.

Park Bo Gum

Always visually appealing, the actor presented the apparels in an outdoor shoot highlighting everyday look to smart professional bearing. Moreover, it pays attention to the clothing designs and colors.

As Eider’s brand ambassador in the last two years, Park consistently charms in bringing out the functionality and comfort feel of the company’s clothing line.

Park Bo Gum

Chipping in suggestions occasionally while shooting, Park immerses to different expressions to gain the best output for the campaign.

Known for his kind nature, the actor takes care of the crew and staff during the long hours of the CF shoot.

Recently completing a successful fan meeting tour, he gifted over 50,000 Asian fans with beautiful memories. Equally adoring to his fans, when he celebrated his eighth debut anniversary, he penned a heartfelt love letter and song cover to his loyal supporters.

Park is currently filming eagerly-awaited film, Seo Bok, with Gong Yoo. In the movie, the actor will portray the role of a human clone.

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Source: Sports Donga

Image Credit: Blossom Entertainment | Eider

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