Park Ki Woong Credits Consistent Downpour Of Projects Through Right Acting Values

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Recognized for his dexterous acting skills, Park Ki Woong looks back on his career journey with fondness and sincerity.

Singles magazine taps Park Ki Woong as its December male muse. The actor who received wide acclaim for his Crown Prince role in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung shared insightful thoughts reflecting his well-mannered attitude.

Park Ki Woong

Completing charismatic photos, the red and black hues spark eye-catching and contrasting images through the actor’s switch in expression. One photo showing his faint smile evokes warmth, while the other serious looking image gives off a brooding mood.

In the accompanying interview, Park reckons how he once played three or four works in a year. With that, as he diligently give colors to roles given to him, he has set two rules. First, the script should be interesting. Second, the character should be beautiful.

Based on his previous roles, Park has been efficiently sustaining and owning the roles he has played. Hence, they are all deemed memorable. His most notable dramas include Bridal Mask, War of the Arrows, Secretly, Greatly and Return.

Park Ki Woong

Portraying various roles in his career of 15 years, his character Prince Jin delighted drama fans . Drawing a fascinating character, Park conveyed the importance of setting a personality to a character. He adds how he meets old and new actors and he feels excitement going through it.

Having a clear cut on his acting goals, Park Ki Woong prioritizes the intangible experiences he can get from a project. Regardless if he gets more or less, he wants to ensure that he will learn from it.

Park said, “Since I’m in my mid 30’s, a quarter of my life as an actor had passed. I think it is right to establish the right values ​​for acting. I want to create interesting works that can positively affect the viewers in the future.”

More of Park Ki Woong’s pictorial and interviews can be found in the December issue of Singles magazine.

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Image Credit: Singles

Park Ki Woong

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