Park Seo Joon Talks About “Itaewon Class” Experience + His Various Friends And More In Esquire Korea’s Pictorial Interview

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Park Seo Joon has come a long way as an actor through experimentation with various roles.

Park Seo Joon entices with his overflowing visuals as he graces the cover of Esquire Korea magazine’s May 2020 issue. On April 22, the fashion magazine released new pictorials of the actor which was shot in collaboration with the brand, Mont Blanc.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

In the pictorial, Park Seo Joon has completely evolved from his popular chestnut hair from Itaewon Class to a different hairstyle. While his hair is still short, they are raised up a little, making him look manlier.

Dressed in various cool and classic suede outfits, the actor gives off a dandy charm. Shot both indoors and outdoors, Seo Joon looks handsome in every frame.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Alongside the pictorial, Esquire also released Park Seo Joon’s interviews where he talked about various aspects of his life.

Acknowledging Hwang Min Hyun’s admiration

NU’EST member Hwang Min Hyun is a fan of Park Seo Joon and Itaewon Class. During his pictorial interview for Esquire last month, he had expressed his love for Park Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon’s character in Itaewon Class) stating that if he pursues acting, he would like to play that character.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

When the interviewer mentioned Min Hyun’s statement, the actor answered that he had heard about the interview and seen many articles related to that as well.

“Seems like Min Hyun enjoyed watching Itaewon Class,” he added.

Friendship with BTS’ V

It is no hidden fact that Park Seo Joon and BTS member V are very good friends. And most recently, V even sang an OST for Seo Joon’s drama.

Speaking on their close knitted friendship, Park confirmed that they are indeed very close.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

“I am close to V. It just sort of happened somehow. Given the right situation and time, a brother can become a friend and a friend can become a brother. If we have any concerns, we share, listen and talk to about it. Even if our positions are different, we have something in common,” he said, referring to the fact that even if there is a age gap, they are similar and hence their friendship has come to be.

Journey with Itaewon Class

Park Seo Joon said that there were multiple reasons that made him inclined towards Itaewon Class. He wanted to try a different genre, and though Itaewon Class is a culmination of multiple genres, the highlight of the drama was Park Sae Ro Yi’s growth.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Additionally he also said, “I thought to myself, ‘When I utter the character’s beliefs, will I be persuaded myself? Do I think Park Sae Ro Yi is right?’ I wondered how it would affect society.”

Reflecting on his decision, the actor affirmed that he made a good choice.

Regarding his role of Park Sae Ro Yi, the actor said that he felt its profound effect on his life. Every now and then, he still ponders about it.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

About the tremendous impact the drama had, the actor talked about its powerful lines. The strong intent of not giving up that was delivered through the dialogues had quite a healing effect.

Seo Joon’s favorite dialogue is from the last episode, which says, “Your life may seem repetitive but no one knows what can happen tomorrow. Some days are tough, some days are sad. But something fun always come along, every once in a while.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Difference between webtoon and drama

Playing a webtoon character has its challenges especially if the character is very popular. On his portrayal of a webtoon character, Seo Joon said, “There are so many people who love that webtoon. While reading the webtoon, the readers imagine how the characters would play out. If I cannot express the character properly, it will be disappointing. I thought a lot about the level of emotions that must be expressed.”

He further added, “There is also a difference between 2D and 3D. When watching webtoons, you flip through the screen of your smartphone. The video has to be reproduced by adding time to that one cut. Things like breathing, speaking, and eye expressions are important here, while they are not present in webtoons.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Love story in Itaewon Class

When asked why the love story in the drama had slow progress, the actor replied that it was not the main focus of the drama. “Growth is important and there is growth in love. However, I had a feeling that it was late,” the actor remarked.

Continuing on the topic of love, Park quoted, “Love is one of the steps of growth. Also, without love, Sae Ro Yi’s life would be less perfect than it is. I think Sae Ro Yi’s first love was not true love. In a way, it seems Sae Ro Yi had locked himself up by saying Soo Ah is my first love, so I had to love Soo Ah.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Feelings on Parasite winning the Oscars

Park Seo Joon had made a cameo appearance in the Oscar winning movie Parasite, which also featured his close friend Choi Woo Shik in the main role.

Expressing his thoughts on the movie’s win, he revealed, “I was watching the award ceremony alone at home. Since I am close with Woo Shik, I watched the live broadcast and cheered after the movie won. But I was also really surprised.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Memories from Youn’s Kitchen

Park Seo Joon was a cast member of a cooking variety show called, Youn’s Kitchen. He was part of the show’s second  season which aired in 2018.

Reminiscing those days, the actor shared “I had been sincere to make up for my inadequacies in other areas. It was stressful. However, I don’t think there were any instances where my efforts betrayed me under stress. While filming, I caught on to my shortcomings and tried to fix them.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

On the question of whether he had fun while shooting the variety show, he stated, “To be honest, I was under the same amount of stress as I was in high school. There were so many things I was not good at but I thought I should show something in that short time. I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t speak Spanish, and I was the youngest. I didn’t enjoy it. If I go there one more time, I think I will enjoy a little.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

On reading books and sports

Speaking about reading, the actor admitted, “I read a lot when I was in the military. I used to read a lot of self-help books.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

He also mentioned that he read a lot of novels and it has helped in stimulating his sensitivity and imagination. Now, he uses his imagination when working on scripts.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

On the topic of soccer, the actor said that he does not follow any teams but he supports Son Heung Min. As for baseball, he found it interesting when his brother used to play it. But after his brother had to quit due to an injury, he had stopped watching the sport.

Park Seo Joon is also good friends with Son Heung Min and even appeared in his documentary series.

Regarding that occurence, Park Seo Joon said, “I didn’t know I was going to appear but when I went to work in London, I got in touch with him.”

Park Seo Joon Esquire

Next project in line for Park Seo Joon is a movie called Dream, which is based on soccer.

The full pictorial and interview featuring Park Seo Joon will be available on the May 2020 issue of Esquire Korea.

Park Seo Joon Esquire

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