Park Seo Joon Shares His Impressions And Final Thoughts On “Itaewon Class”

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Park Seo Joon looks happy in behind-the-scene clips from Itaewon Class‘ last day shoot.

On April 7, Park Seo Joon’s official YouTube channel, Record PARK’s posted a video titled, “Goodbye Itaewon Class!! Sae Ro Yi’s Last Story.”

The released video contains behind-the-scenes activities of Park Seo Joon, who is on the final shoot of jTBC’s Itaewon Class. Going to the filming site for the last time, the actor seemed really happy. In a conversation with one of the actors, he complimented his hair. He also pondered on how much time will it take for his hair to grow that long.

Itaewon Class


As Park traveled on his car to go to the set, he played Gaho’s OST, “Start” which is also Sae Ro Yi’s theme song in the drama. Speaking about the song, he said that the only thought that came to his mind is the line, “Who is Jo Yi Seo? Who the hell is Jo Yi Seo?”

Finally, on reaching the set, he stated that the weather is good and lamented that whenever they had to shoot an important scene in the past, the weather was either too hot or cold. Then, he proceeded to shoot the hospital scene. He was also seen playing with a small kid who happens to be named as Seo Joon.

Subsequently, Park Seo Joon shared his thoughts about playing Park Sae Ro Yi. He said, “Honestly, I am not ready for this. Yesterday, I was a little awkward. After about seven months, it was very difficult last month. Even though I tried to separate Sae Ro Yi from my daily life, it was very difficult for the fifth month because it was having a great impact on me.”

Park Seo Joon

Record PARK’s Screen Capture

Park added, “When I said that it was over, I felt so strange. I wasn’t ready for it yet, but I’m going to let Sae Ro Yi go without haste.”

Talking about the drama, he also said that the lines spoken by Park Sae Ro Yi has made him reflect on his life. He further said, “While some people may think that this is only possible in dramas, but when I look back to my past I thought becoming an actor was something that happened only in dramas. Therefore, I think nothing is impossible.”

The actor hoped that the drama can offer some consolation to people when they are stressed. He also said that someone had told him that watching Itaewon Class gave them strength to go on and this made him feel very proud.

Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon’s Instagram

Meanwhile, Itaewon Class starring Park Seo Joon ended on March 21. The drama received raves among both domestic and international audience because of its unique plot and characters.

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Images Credit: jTBC, Park Seo Joon’s Instagram, Record PARK’s Screen Capture