Park Shin Hye Dramas That Remind Women The Blessings & Bliss Of Falling In Love

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Praised for her astounding drama roles, Park Shin Hye blossomed to an actress who knows her worth.

As one of South Korea’s treasured leading actresses, Park Shin Hye can look back on her illustrious career with a happy heart.

Challenging roles that are beyond her age, the then budding actress has worked on stories requiring heavy emotions in the early years of her career. At 16, she marked her first female lead for Tree of Heaven. Braving a role sketched to be older than her actual age, Park, in a way, announced the dauntless goal of her path to be South Korea’s future treasured actress.

Her succeeding works strengthened her aspirations as she appeared on family drama Kimcheed Radish Cubes, trendy romance series Prince Hours and historical production Bicheonmu. Gaining experiences for her small and supporting roles, Park, from then on sailed to portray pictures of beautiful and strong women.

Along the way, the characters she portrayed flowed with meaningful lessons about love and life that women can learn from.

The girl who reminds women that first love is filled with fear, uncertainties and smiles

In 2009, Park Shin Hye broke mainstream success and became a household name for Hong sisters penned series, You’re Beautiful.

Portraying a nun-to-be who was forced to pretend she is her twin brother, she gets entangled with the country’s top boy band as she lives with them in their dorm suiting up as an idol.

Soon after, she succumbs to the unavoidable feeling of falling in love for the first time. But her situation coupled by miscommunication, almost had her miss the chance to enjoy one of the greatest gift to experience while being young.

Go Mi Nyu/Go Mi Nam has captured how being naive and trusting may make a woman look weak. But whether to take it as a mistake or as a learning experience make the acceptance to grow worthwhile.

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Building overseas exposure, in 2011, Park ventured for a project in Taiwan through Hayate the Combat Butler pairing her up with popular American-born Taiwan-based actor George Hu.

The young woman who reminds us to dream and keep having more of it

That same year, she made the fans of You’re Beautiful again happy by starring in Heartstrings. Somehow, it fulfilled an alternate-ending to the equally well-loved second lead Kang Shin Woo, played by Jung Yong Hwa.

Adorned by amazing soundtrack in the backdrop of college campus, Park gifted a humming school set youth drama which can nostalgically transport viewers to remember sweet moments of being young and falling in love for the first time.

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The woman who encourages breaking comfort zones makes the first step in romance

Portraying agoraphobic Go Dok Mi, Park Shin Hye made the last serving of tvN’s famed “flower boy series” worthwhile.

Go Dok Mi has shut herself to outside communication because of the trauma from her past.  The only entertainment value in her hermit life is her furtive peeping on her cute neighbor, but she was soon discovered by Enrique (Yoon Shi Yooon), who stumbled on her secret stalking.

The “Jack Dawson I’ll show you the world love story of Enrique and Dok-mi” struggles on inhibitions. Something that is connected to Park’s sketched persona. Ultimately, her fortitude to give herself a chance to love and move on from her past is the biggest takeaway of the drama.

The modern high school Cinderella who fought for true love with Prince-Tan charming

Before 2013 ended, Park Shin Hye starred in a Kim Eun Sook-penned series opposite Lee Min Ho. Interestingly, the star-studded high-rating series has had the actress play the role of high school student Cha Eun Sang.

At that time, she was 23, so somehow, just like how she challenged a role not fitting her age when she was just starting – attest to her versatility as an artist.

Considering the rich boy-poor girl love milieu, it was a tough tale to begin with. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) battling the odds and Eun-sang responding most of the time in her half-hearted I-love-you-too captured the reality of how love is meant for both parties to work on to be together.

But she ultimately showed what she is made up of, in defying what needed to be overcome for their love to carry on. That – made their romance special.

Choosing not to be a stubborn Cinderella, Park Shin Hye’s character reminds us that when we were younger – we love unsteadily, truthfully, happily and beyond reasons. We went from bliss to pain; to staying together or letting go; and it has improved our love perspective as a person.

The modern woman who can stand by her man’s side

Arguably the most well-rounded heroine Park Shin Hye has shown K-Drama patrons is her Cho In Ha role in Pinocchio.

Her love pairing with Lee Jong Suk resulted to another well-loved series. Cementing her status as an actress who can easily pull off different faces of romance story heroine, the SBS series inevitably joined her collection of breathtaking love stories.

Striking facets of light and deep emotions, the stunning artist drew a character that women can relate to. Albeit her Pinocchio syndrome, her bravery to approach her emotions under pressure is admirable.

Choosing to be an anchor and not wallowing in her vulnerability is what makes a modern woman phenomenal. That and more of In Ha’s fortitude, make this Park Shin Hye drama one of the best portrayals she had as an actress.

The career woman who proves genuine heart always trumps prejudice

Having used to Park Shin Hye’s late heroics in her dramas, her role as Yoo Hye Jung came in strong right away.  Doctors presented Hye Jung’s admirable journey in healing her personal issues  by relying on her own and through the people surrounding her with love and support.

Facing prejudice and struggling to trust – these are common issues that most women confront. Hye Jung, albeit these shortcomings has unloaded her excess emotional baggage with grace and forgiveness.

The woman who knows her love can heal her man

Delivering an extraordinary story, Park Shin Hye piled up her momentum in achieving another scintillating love story. In the backdrop of augmented reality game premise, Park’s character Hee Joo became the sanctuary of the battled hero in Memories of the Alhambra.

Adorning the series with lingering romance, Park blended well to her roles as Hee Joo and Emma. The former depicts the resilient nature of every woman to protect and give love without expecting anything in return.

Which Park Shin Hye drama made you bask in heart flutters and encouraged your strength as a woman?

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