Park So Dam Feels Blessed About Being Part Of Korean Film “Parasite”

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Park So Dam has nothing but great memories about the award-winning film, Parasite

Apart from the stream of awards the movie received, the actress has forged strong bond with the cast and crew. Garbed in Louis Vuitton 2020 S / S collection, Park So Dam graced a pictorial interview with Elle Korea for its March issue.

Park So Dam

The photoshoot was held two days before she left to join the cast and crew in attending the 92nd Academy Awards. The culminating event validating the unprecedented international film award spree of Parasite.

As part of the remarkable cast ensemble who brought to life the beauty of the acclaimed film, Park is thankful for the blessings and great energy she received from the film.

Presenting different charms in the photo shoot, Park So Dam switches refreshing girl crush looks to charismatic woman-who-knows-what-she-wants images.

In the cover photo she beams brightly wearing a stylish white dress. The next moment, she looks chic and sophisticated in a pretty dress layered above a long sleeve checkered shirt.

She also wears a white shirt underneath a printed top and its matching pants while sporting a big smile. Then, she draws attention to her somber looking mood in a monochrome photo, where she is clothed with a sleek-looking jacket

Park So Dam

Subsequently, in the interview she shared stories about the amazing experience she gained by starring in the history-making film, Parasite.

“It’s been a series of incredible things since I attended the Cannes Film Festival last May. I’m so excited. I feel like I am in a room, questioning ‘Is this really real?’ When I watched the video or photos, I felt more emotional,” She said.

“If I had all this alone, I would have been really nervous, but I was always energized because our team was together,” Park So Dam expressed affection to the team.

Park So Dam

She also confessed being happy to have sisters and brothers in the industry that she can call when she has concerns in the future apart from the love she receives at the same time.

Having nothing but good words about Director Bong Joon Ho, she remarked how he has been an amazing director at the filming scene. She describes him as a neighborhood brother for being amiable.

Meanwhile, the actress has been tapped to star in Director Ahn Gil Ho’s upcoming tvN drama. She will appear alongside Jang Ki Yong in a series slated for this year’s broadcast.

More pictures and interviews of Park So Dam can be found in the March issue of Elle Korea. It will be published on February 20 through the magazine’s respective channels.

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Image Credit: Elle Korea