Park Woo Jin Encourages “Produce X 101” Trainees To Never Give Up

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Park Woo Jin is vibrant and sweet in his photo shoot for star1 magazine!

AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin gives off refreshing summer vibes in his pictorial for the June issue of star1 magazine.

He also sat down for an interview and talked about his upcoming debut in a new boy group, his stint in Law of the Jungle, and his message for Produce X 101 participants.

Park Woo Jin

(Photo from star1)

Looking chic and charming as always, he collaborated with Clinique for the photo shoot which featured him posing with the skincare and cosmetics brand’s cheek pops and proudly sporting the product on his face — a first time for him, he said.

“I found a new look through this photo shoot,” he added.

Prepping For the Next Chapter: Get Ready to Meet ABSIX’s Park Woo Jin

However, using bright-colored cheek pops is not the only thing new about Park Woo Jin. The rapper, well-known as a former member of Wanna One, is currently gearing up for his second debut as a member of AB6IX — short for “Absolute Six” —Brand New Music’s new boy group.

Composed of the rapper, fellow former Wanna One member Lee Dae Hwi, MXM members Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun, and Jeon Woong, the boy group will debut on May 22 with the extended play B: Complete.

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(Photo from star1)

He’s nervous, Park Woo Jin told star1 in his interview, but, at the same time, he’s excited for AB6IX’s upcoming debut showcase happening on the same day as the EP’s release. According to him, he has been practicing endlessly in preparation for the showcase which will officially introduce the boy group to the public.

Moreover, he wanted to meet people’s expectations and to earn their acknowledgment for his dance and rap skills. “I want to tell more people about ‘Park Woo Jin’,” he said.

Aside from his upgraded dance and rap skills, the ABSIX member will also display his songwriting skills as he penned his rap lyrics in the boy group’s title track “Breathe”, a track co-composed by Lee Dae Hwi and co-written by Lim Young Min.

“I wrote the lyrics based on the frustrations I felt when I was alone in the practice room when my choreography was not working well. I want to show my ability as an improved rapper,” he explained regarding the rap lyrics.

(Photo from star1)

Getting Lost in the Jungle: His Stint on Law of the Jungle

But before his official debut in AB6IX, fans will get to see him on Law of the Jungle where he joined other stars like Kim Byung Man, Hyun Woo, Mina of gugudan, Park Jung Chul, and more in Thailand.

The first episode of the Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle & Island aired on May 11.

In his star1 interview, Park Woo Jin recounted his days in the jungle which he described as difficult as he had expected. “I was hungry,” he said. Still, he considers the time he spent there as special, saying he was sad to leave on the last day.

Cheering His Hoobaes: Advice to Produce X 101 Trainees

The rapper also talked about Produce X 101 and gave his support to the trainees. He encourages them to never give up and work hard.

“My first ranking on the program was 72nd. I was desperate because of my low ranking. I am sure that there are frustrated trainees like me during that time, but do not give up. Not giving up is the way to grow, and steady efforts are the key to success,” he said.

More photos and interview with Park Woo Jin will be found in the June issue of star1 magazine.