Paul Kim Makes A Comeback With His 2nd Full Album “Heart, Two”

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Singer-songwriter Paul Kim is coming back with his 2nd full album to make your hearts swoon with Heart, Two!

Paul Kim announced that he would officially be making a comeback on April 22 in a minute-long video on his YouTube channel that also served as a preview to his upcoming album. He shared a picture on Instagram of a calendar for the song titles and activities for the album as well. This album is a sequel to his Heart, One that was released in October last year.

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The aesthetic video gave a glimpse of the versatile concept of each song such as the track “Hero”. It gives an insight to a larger than life romantic theme with its visuals.

“Our Encounter” is seemingly a ballad of how two people who are in love eventually drifted apart. “Holiday” has a very colourful and playful vibe to it.

Kim dons the look of a hardworking office employee in “Karok” expressing the helplessness of the modern man. Lastly, “The Reason For My Spring” opens in a very dreamy setting and essentially celebrates everything that symbolizes spring.

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Images Credit To : Neuron Music