PENTAGON’s Wooseok Hugely Charms With His Astounding Visuals And Thoughts For GQ Korea’s November 2019 Issue

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A tall guy with a big heart that is as beautiful as his face – that is PENTAGON’s Wooseok for you.

PENTAGON’s Wooseok further showed his unexpected charms to the rest of the world as he stunned with his beautiful poses and insights for the November 2019 issue of GQ Korea!

pentagon wooseok

The PENTAGON maknae delivered huge servings of captivating visuals and equally wonderful insights as he featured in GQ Korea’s photoshoot series with the Fabulous Four – aka male idols MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, PENTAGON’s Wooseok, SF9’s Hwiyoung, and The Boyz’s Younghoon who are all known for their outstanding visuals as well.

Pointing out his evident foreign vibe, GQ Korea asked the young rapper at the very beginning if he gets mistaken often as someone with mixed nationalities.

“Yes, ever since I was young. But I’m just someone from Gwangju,” he shared with a laugh. “It’s actually nice, because it’s like saying that I’m different from the rest. When I was younger, I also looked at a lot of photoshoots of foreign models because I liked them a lot,” the ever-optimistic idol added.

“I get rid of my narcissism when I’m in front of the camera. I don’t even look at the monitor to see how my photos turn out because if I look at how the pictures were taken and see anything that looked unflattering, it would end up staying in my mind. That’s why I don’t focus on it at all,” the PENTAGON maknae revealed after being praised for his seemingly natural flair in front of the camera as he posed for the magazine.

“What I usually think of as my weaknesses might actually look like my strengths for others,” he added, citing a reason that could also serve as precious advice to everyone.

His Charms and Personalities

The rapper also pointed out his eyes as his favourite part about his face, and just like what he earlier said, he didn’t see it as his favourite from the very beginning. “I thought of them as droopy eyes, but now I see them as my charm,” he confessed.

“I have a big stature and I look foreign so I guess people think that I’m scary when they first see me – but I’m not like that at all. That’s why when I get the courage to approach others first, they get a little surprised. I also like it when they say that they didn’t expect my personality to be like this,” he said – and thus GQ Korea asked, who is Wooseok?

“I’m laidback. I talk really slowly as well, and I really don’t like raising my voice. When there’s a problem, I’m the first to apologize because I don’t think that you’re giving in if you’re the first to do so. Maybe it’s because I’m optimistic,” he said and even cited a concrete example. “I’m like, if we don’t do well on music charts now, we’ll just do a better song next time then”.

pentagon wooseok

His Group’s Influence

When asked about where he got this attitude of his from, Wooseok proudly put out one answer – his members. “Though it’s a common saying to always treat the people around you nicely, for me, it’s special. I think of the people around me as family. I trust them and I want them to able to have trust in me too,” he said.

This strong bond between the group didn’t just come out of nowhere though – they themselves had to build and solidify it. “The day we begin promotions, we’ll release everything that we have pent up. We also talk a lot about our wishes, strengths, and weaknesses with each other – and we even stayed up whole nights just talking. However, I have never heard my hyungs complaining,” he revealed.

The rapper also shared how his group played a part in how he thought about posing for the magazine, which serves as his first solo photoshoot. “I can’t bring dishonour to the name PENTAGON,” he said, which could actually also apply to everything else in general.

Childhood Memories

“When I was younger, I learned to play the violin and piano for a long time. I often took part in competitions and each time, I felt incredibly nervous because even if it’s a song that I’ve practiced tens and hundreds of times, the audience only gets to hear it once from me,” Wooseok began sharing a vivid childhood memory.

“Once, I was so nervous during a competition that I made a mistake. I kept on thinking that I can’t get this wrong, and suddenly, I did get it wrong. I heard laughter from the audience and for some reason, I also ended up laughing,” he further shared – along with the realizations that hit him afterwards, including his passion for being on the stage.

“After you make a mistake, the nervousness goes away. I considered it to be one of my worst performances ever. Ironically though, it was then that I decided that whatever it is, I have to find a job that is on-stage. I really liked performing,” the rapper continued, unveiling what marked the start of his journey as an idol.

How He Sees Himself

“I think the coolest things are the things that are cool without it having to look cool intentionally. The artists that I like don’t act cool on purpose – maybe because they want to connect more with the audience when they’re on stage, and that’s really cool. I think people who understand others on a humanistic level and treat others kindly are cool,” Wooseok shared, showing his mature side despite being the youngest from his group.

He also showed how grounded he was with his answer to how he would describe himself – this time, not just in general, but specifically as a human being.

“Me? I’m an average person. I’m not someone or something in particular. I think that, without all these hairstyling, makeup, and clothes, I’m a very average person,” he replied, and he even shared his simple dream. “Sometimes when I get asked about what I would be doing if I’m not an idol, I say that since I really like animals, I think being a zookeeper would be really nice.”

pentagon wooseok

His Solo Plans

“If I get the chance to, I want to try holding a small exhibit because I scribble and sketch a lot. I like using colours a lot so I draw using markers and the iPad every now and then. It’s also fun that people interpret my drawings differently,” he shared, putting out his love for art out in the open.

Finally, when asked where he wanted to go if he could wander off alone, he answered: Busan. “I went there when I was young and never got to come back. When I look at the pictures that I took there, it makes me want to go back and look for those places again,” the rapper explained.

“I think that going back to places that you went to after such a long time is more exciting than going to new places. It’s like even though you know the place already, you still don’t know how such a place that you once knew had changed. That’s how I see it,” he said, wrapping up the interview in a way that spread thoughts as beautiful as he is.

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Source: GQ Korea