Here’s Why Rapper Gray Failed His Classes In College – And It Was On Purpose

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It’s not because he’s a bad student.

Rapper Gray appeared on the August 31 episode of MBC’s Radio Star, with Simon D, Zico and Lee Sun Bin guesting on the same episode as well.


During the program, he candidly confessed that he received straight Fs in college. However, it was not because the rapper was a bad student, as he has in fact received college scholarships.

Gray later explained that he failed his classes on purpose. “I thought that if I can′t be consistent with my grades, it′s better not to go”, he shared, earning the panel’s agreements.

The rapper further revealed that he was the link behind his label AOMG’S two co-CEOS, Jay Park and Simon D. “I placed Simon D as a representative at AOMG”, he said.

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