Fans And Fellow Artists Remember SHINee’s Kim Jong Hyun In His First Death Anniversary

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Remember SHINee’s outstanding Poet | Artist Kim Jong Hyun and his remarkable music that truly touched people’s lives โ€” fellow artists and fans alike.

Kim Jong Hyun was indeed talented and passionate about music. An acclaimed singer-songwriter, producer, and composer, the SHINee member showcased and emanated that love for words and sounds through his works — beginning with his groups’s “Juliette” from the extended play Romeo.

He became the first artist of SM Entertainment to actively contribute and participate in album production and song composition. He wrote songs for SHINee, shared his music with his fellow SM artists, and extended his hand to other musicians.

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Today, as we commemorate a year since his passing, SM Entertainment, his members, fellow artists, and fans all over the world celebrated Jong Hyun’s life and look back on his legacy as an artist and how he touched their lives. 

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment, through its social media accounts, posted a 47-second video containing Jong Hyun’s photos and a message which reads:

Jong Hyun

We remember you.

We will love you forever.

From SMTOWN family.

SHINee’s Key

The SHINee member commemorated Jong Hyun’s first death anniversary with a throwback video of him and Jong Hyun while resting during a concert rehearsal.



IU gave tribute to the late singer during her concert in Singapore wherein she performed “A Gloomy Clock” from her Modern Times album. The SHINee member wrote and composed the track. It is also one of the first songs he wrote and composed for an artist other than his group.

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon posted a photo of the SHINee member on her Instagram. She captioned the photo with the words “Next to me. I love you.”


Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Super Junior’s Leeteuk posted a photo of himself with SHINee with a caption encouraging everyone to remember Jong Hyun. He added his caption with the words directed to his dongsaeng: “I love you.”


Go Young Bae

Singer and Jong Hyun’s good friend Go Young Bae commemorated his friend’s first death anniversary with an acoustic version of “It Must Be Autumn”, his collaboration with the SHINee member for the latter’s Monthly Live Collection.

Jong Hyun and Go Young Bae wrote and composed the song together.


Riki Maru

Riki Maru, who worked with Jong Hyun as SHINee’s choreographer and dancer in Japan, posted a photo with the boy group. He reminisced the last time he got to talk with the singer.


From Shawols to Kim Jong Hyun:


It has been a year since Kim Jong Hyun left this world and became the brightest light. May we always remember and celebrate his life, the art and music he created, and the stories and lessons he shared with us.

Never forget, Kim Jong Hyun.

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