Romantic Korean Dramas On Netflix To Sweeten Your Valentine’s Week

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Ready your K-Drama marathon essentials and ride the romantic vibe this Valentine’s week!

Netflix laid out a saccharine plan for you to feel warm especially if you are single or your V-Day celebration unfortunately encountered a rain check.

Guaranteed to delight with heart-fluttering moments, these suggested Korean dramas are only a few taps away from Netflix through your mobile devices.

Because This is My First Life

Armed with equally captivating side romance stories, the heart-fluttering affair of two people who found love through a marriage contract interestingly pulls off a unique attraction based on its familiar tune. No self-help books can teach how life can be lived perfectly the first time. In this emotionally perceptive drama, viewers are given pep talks on how to claim happiness by living and loving to the fullest.

If you want to deviate from the standard romance stories with a relaxing drama that is intuitively penned, an overnight marathon of Se Hee and the gangs’ love journey will make you sigh and ponder about the sweet little moments of being in love.

Because This Is My First Life

Crash Landing on You

Always a tad too sweet in every episode, Crash Landing On You effortlessly enamored the audience with its captivating drama experience. As rom-com stories emerged to have become synonymous to Korean dramas, the challenge to create a lingering series was notched superbly by its love pairing, supported by the rest of the cast.
Utilizing the staple rom-com formula, this Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin starrer is a comforting bubble wrap. The comic notes and romance highs easily attracts anyone who craves candied narrative.
Crash Landing on You

Discovery of Love

Discovery of Love walks on the unconventional path of presenting the love story between an estranged couple and how they are able to realize that their love is true even then, and a few years after.  It gives a painful reminiscing of how after losing a cherished love, it makes us contemplate on how a lost love is a reminder of how beautiful things can change painfully in a moment, and there would be no way for you to prepare for it.

Hitting all the realistic elements of what it really takes to be in a relationship was the best part of the love triangle in this roller-coaster romantic ride. Diverting to the usual cushioned approach or drama-infused conflicts, it dug to the root of love problems in a coherent world – the strength to let go of a half-baked love and the choice to be in a not so perfect but true love.

Discovery of Love

Her Private Life

Showing the vibrant life of a fan girl, Her Private Life sprints to an endearing tale that blended love and fated encounters without capitalizing on rom-com cliches.

Nothing but good vibes celebrating fan girl spirit in Her Private Life. It may be trite, but at least it went on to create a full story that did not rely strongly on kissing scenes.

Proving proper placement of sweet moments is the key to a remarkable romantic comedy, this tvN treat accomplished not having dull moments on its report card.

Her Private Life

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is your drama to see when you want a K-drama marathon vacation. It plays well in keeping the excitement stable and hits a love progression which the viewers loyally cheer for. The fantasy body-switching plot is a brilliant addition to keep the story bubbly as well as the reversal of roles for the strong heroine and weak but charming lead man.

The strength of how the love couple bicker along the way to realize they are both rendered by the love hook they throw at each other unconsciously will make you mark this drama as an all-time favorite.

classic korean dramas

Legend of the Blue Sea

 Legend of the Blue Sea succeeds in a lively pace of intelligent storytelling with smart characters you will not hate as they don’t play dumb at hindrances thrown at them. It is superb in the candied-heart-fluttering moments of the love couple, but even stronger in relaying the sweet and yet agonizing journey to endure the love they have in the present in the pretext of a human-mermaid romance impossibility.

It smartly spins the narrative by using simple rules considering its fantasy premise by modernizing the reincarnation plot; and by playing the resident drama fix of how love overcomes everything between two people fated to be together.

Legend of the Blue Sea

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun takes pride in capturing the heartfelt romance even with violence and disaster plot. It marks lessons on patriotism, life, career and friendship. It defies all K-drama overuse tropes by settling to balance character portrayals and earnest romance build up.

A drama so beautiful in each chapter, and even more stunning as it flows in the culminating closure. It sends an inspiring message to become the best that we can ever be to the person we love, to the profession we have and to the life we live.

descendants of the sun

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Unlike the typical youth dramas staged in school setting, My ID is Gangnam Beauty veers away to the taxing depictions of youth characters, who seem to have taken all the problems of the world.

Although it has problems, the series wisely chose character-centered issues that does not involve school politics, enabling a more sane resolution.

It also deviates from pointless involvement of the adult cast that are usually out of place to the story trajectory. Instead, it culminates to a resolution covering varied emotional woes and self-doubts college students have – aside from the usual studying troubles they face each day.

That makes all the difference since realistically speaking, more than school grades and future plans, students’ pressing concerns are really having their crushes love them back. 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Extraordinary You

Delving to connected manhwa worlds has been the charm and crux of Extraordinary You. With constant onslaught of twists simultaneously thrown in the “shadow-stage” plot of the story, a moment of missing an episode might lead to “wait-what-happened-moment”.

Despite the evident plot inconsistencies, Extraordinary You had enough happy moments to get it through the bad drama times.

Extraordinary You

Romance is a Bonus Book

Brimming with life, love and career encouraging messages, Romance Is A Bonus Book ran an impressive healing-romance drama that soothes stress away. For people who genuinely like to read, the series is a perfect treat.

In its 16-chapter run, it abundantly goes through the challenges of adult living, whether someone may be single or raising a family. From lessons about women’s strength, individualism and friendship, its ultimate message is finding one’s purpose.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Something in the Rain

Taking subtle storytelling that is focused on the bliss and complication of the love tale, viewers would be immersed to cheer for the fulfillment of the romance that was belatedly realized, crazily enjoyed, and painfully let go in Something in the Rain.

It reinvents the romance drama landscape with how it fervently keeps the serenity of the storytelling by its heartfelt dialogues and spontaneous scenarios.

Something in the Rain

My Love From the Star

Love stories need not to be so big in a romantic kind of way, not that I didn’t like the “alien-who-loved-me” twist, but My Love From the Star draws attraction because of the vibrant characters who bring to life their fictional images in an unforgettable way.

The lightness of the conflicts and not involving much negative emotion makes the series addictig. Focusing on making the lead couple work their way to defy the cosmic problem inhibiting them from being together gives a gratifying closure to the story.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Credit the cast for their commitment to this coming of age drama. It created an international cult following especially acknowledged by the teens and the early-twenties. Captivating with its sprightly cast, this campus drama treat easily slips to the K-Drama list you will keep dearly in your heart.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I’m Not A Robot

Pacing to an interesting love milieu, the story of a man who stumbled on the peculiar cure for his extreme human allergy, confronts the reality of how his newfound liberty to interact with people, comes with the price of admitting that he is in love with a robot.

To complicate his situation, he learns that his reservations are pointless since the supposed android he can’t love, is actually a woman, who is commissioned to pretend that she is not a human.

I’m not a Robot is easy to love due to its quick pacing and endearing cast.  Less the corporate world related conflict attached to the hero’s character, everything in the drama sails to overwhelm the audience with romance.

I’m Not A Robot

Oh My Venus

Forget the grueling gym work out, home yoga sessions and sadness inducing diet plans. Just allot two hours in two days watching Oh My Venus and you will miraculously lose 10 lbs in two weeks. It’s true. No hidden agendas, no diet pills, and no aggravating body pains.

Advertisers and businesses overlooked the effective solution to the alarming woes of women struggling to keep up with their weight. Bottling So Ji Sub as a weight coach would have made the women’s world a better place. *wink

KBS2’s hilarious romantic-comedy starring Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub left audience with woman-empowering messages and doses of blissful trance for ladies imagining how it would feel like to have a gorgeous personal trainer like So Ji Sub.

Oh My Venus

W: Two Worlds Apart

Despite the staggering twists and turns in the narrative, it is easy to appreciate how W: Two Worlds Apart ambitiously and vividly chronicled a love story that defies alternate world setting. It maneuvers to constant deviation and possibilities having the premise of “everything is possible to happen as long as it can be drawn”.

It presents a surreal drama experience and yet the romance development for the main leads is pragmatic and memorable. Be prepared for a mixed emotional spin as you frolic on this enslaving K-drama spectacle.

W: Two Worlds

This is My Love

A man’s unrequited romance to a woman who keeps being separated from him by fate spins the story of My Love Eun Dong. It narrates a love story so blissful and agonizing as if it came straight from a classic love novel.

The love triangle is in a helpless state trying to break out from that suffocating bind. This is My Love uses a strong narrative which will put the audience on an emotional dilemma in finding a solution for everyone to be happy.

It leaves a lesson that love involves two people loving each other the best way they can and not how the people around them understands it.

Korean romance dramas

Reply 1997

Reply 1997 sprints all the way to the audience’ hearts with its vibrant characters, nostalgic premise, fan girl foolish escapades, friendship and crazy first love stories. Nothing magical, mythical and supernatural, just a pure trip down to the moments of when we were young.

Spicing up the story with flashback element, the drama switches from present to the later part of the ‘90’s showcasing tamagotchi, flip top phones and other ancestors of modern technology in their conceiving stage.

But the highlight is the love fulfilment between friends who find a chance to rekindle an almost love they lost along the way.

Reply 1997

Reply 1994

Reply 1994 keeps the trend of the guessing game trademark of Reply series throughout the entire drama. Caught between two great guys, the series knows how to keep its viewers guessing right up to the end.

But viewers don’t mind though, because the drama takes a nostalgic trip that leaves viewers reminiscing their own sweet first love adventures.

Reply 1988

They say that as you age along, you get more sentimental as you look back on what has happened in your life. Sitting on this neighborhood drama set between 1988 – 1995 makes you reminisce the good old days of endearing family love and friendship full of laughter and memories.

Reply 1988 pays homage to the irreplaceable bliss of being young – of our young dreams and our young love.

Delving on nostalgic premise, it brilliantly utilizes sweet melancholia by sending the viewers back to their very own youth. It is a strip of mementos any person with a euphoric youth can relate to.

reply 1988


Goblin affirms your K-drama fan spirit with its addictive pace, perceptive characters, detailed back story and the exciting race to its closure. Although set on a melancholic tone, the dynamics of the cast and the lively humor cushioned the viewers so well given its inevitable tragic ending.

The exquisite tale of a man searching for the woman to end his immortality curse establishes a memory that K-drama followers will still love in the future.

It explores the boundless creativity of Korean culture through writer Kim Eun Sook’s sweet story manipulation. See for yourself why this drama raised a cult following.

Goblin, VIU, VIU Malaysia

Strong Girl Bong Soon

It is a whimsical love ride with thugs, a psycho, a policeman, a gaming company CEO and a woman with extraordinary strength. The labyrinth is a whirlwind of cuteness, mirth and everything a fan would ask K-drama gods for.

Consistently endearing with amusing surprises along the way, Strong Woman Bong Soon is a delightful romantic comedy. It reaches a heartfelt closure for a love that missed its timing, and celebrates how true love happens when you are patient enough to wait.

What made this drama so endearing is the perfect fusion of the love couple/triangle chemistry, the warranted humor and even the slapstick travesty. Wrapping up nicely, the charming tale of the heroine who blooms to become a woman who acknowledges her strengths and frailties is a must-watch treat perfect for your K-Drama list.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

Boys Over Flowers

A young man (Lee Min Ho) from a rich household falls in love with a girl (Gu Hye Sun) from a poor family background. When she resists his bossy attitude, he starts bullying but imescapably falls in love with her charm.

What made it different from the rest of the remakes done is that it stayed true to the original context of young and sweet high school love. Also, a strong battle between the main and second male leads in claiming the lead girl’s heart causes a sweet dilemma.

It may not be perfect because of the moments when the drama has to ride its popularity, but it is an addictive drama that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Boys Over Flowers

The Third Charm

That one person you can never forget spins the story of The Third Charm. Joon Young and Young Jae became each other’s first and one great love after sharing romance and memories in their 20’s.

Although they are day and night in terms of their personalities, the two have found ways to compromise. Inevitably though, arguments and miscommunications worsen those small gaps in their relationship eventually leading to their breakup.

In a sea of Korean romantic dramas, it is rare to find an unfeigned love story. Most often than not, avid followers can already predict the flow of the narrative. Hence, going an extra mile with a simple love premise is already a feat accomplished by this drama successfully.

The Third Charm

Oh My Ghost

Bright and cheerful vibe are the after-effects of what Oh My Ghost chapter doses give. It consistently runs the romance and comedy by seasoning it with an adorable supernatural twist. A timid girl connives with a wandering ghost to build up her self esteem in her plan to seduce the man she likes.

The man she likes is a famous chef who thinks his employee is suffering from a bipolar disorder. Hence, her switching from perky to shy attitude he thought to be her condition’s aftermath. As romance slowly blooms between them, the wandering ghost’ sad death is also sadly revealed.

Korean Romance Dramas

The Master’s Sun

In the sea of dramas where stories are usually woven from the rich-boy-poor-girl love affair or the male-pretending-lead-girl, a you-and-me-against-the-ghosts love story will hit the romantic nerves naturally even with its comic spooky vibes.

It will inspire you to trust why your heart falls in love with the person and how your mind will be overpowered by reasons.

It is a nicely blended romance that reminds how being with someone is not half-loving yourself and half-loving the person. It should be loving the person with all you can.

The Master's Sun

Another Miss Oh

We typically get utopian love stories, but that is not the case for Another Oh Hae Young. They shared the pain and the bliss in its barest and heart-piercing manner.

The angst and confusion of qualifying love is stripped to its messiest and yet sweetest state just how someone would remember how he fought for his one great passionate love.

The series details the real emotion someone has to go through when he is bargaining with love and when he is angry and missing the person at the same time.

It induces a love lesson on how you don’t overthink when you intend to love someone all the way; how you say I love you because that’s what you felt at that moment, and how you embrace the love feeling because you believe it to be true.

This sweet melodrama takes pride in its keen perception of the difference between how a man and a woman take distinct approaches in loving someone while weighing on their pre-conceived inhibitions that the relationship might not work.

Best Korean Dramas


Healer is one of the best Korean dramas you should include in your list if you haven’t seen it yet. It has a brilliant premise about a one-of-a-kind hero who chose to disconnect from society, but accidentally grows attachment to a woman who drew him out of his hibernation.

The drama quaintly links the furtive relationship of the characters while building up the plot’s climax and romance to perfection. It is so addictive and a drama you can sit on with family, friends and even your lover.

The story’s main conflict focuses on peeling the truth behind the death of the lead couple’s parents while journeying on their fated love. While a lot evolves in the story, it never misses its steps in binding the romance, the back story and the conflicts together.


It’s Okay That’s Love

It might be the most unconventional modern romance K-Drama. However, given that sickness in K-Dramaland usually involves amnesia or anything fatal – the unique illness conflict in the series makes it more attractive.

It’s Okay, That’s Love is just how relationship realities are translated in ardent and unadulterated TV drama scenes. It incites emotional outburst from a beautiful and heartfelt thread of painful and fervid love moments. That will cut deep in anyone’s heart while recollecting memories of how it felt to love someone deeply without holding back.

Seamless and unfeigned, it progresses from warm to romantic to sacrificial to against-all-odds and eventually to you-were-meant-for-me love timeline. Viewers can expect to see how different kinds of love are tackled bravely and painfully in this love story.

It's okay That's love


Coffee Prince

Before Gong Yoo slayed the ratings in tvN’s fantasy-romance Goblin, he probably used to be your mom and aunt’s cherished “coffee prince”.

Coffee Prince sprees on cheesy and cliche moments which you can easily relate to rom-com stories that aired in the last 11 years. But back at the time when it was airing, those were considered a novelty.

It wraps up neatly with how the lead man lets go of his girl for her to pursue her own dreams. And caps off with a strong ever-after finishing kick.

Korean Dramas

Full House

Aiding the boost to romantic-comedy stories, Rain and Song Hye Kyo’s starrer takes a cohabitation plot between a top star and a writer who eventually fall in love with each other.

full house

You Are My Destiny

A one-night stand turned real romance spins the story in this Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra series. An adaptation from a Taiwanese drama, the eventual blossoming of romance between a man and a woman least likely to get involved with each other scored impressive viewership numbers and strong online following.

Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way incidentally creates its own kind of beauty by presenting a cheerful cast, who channeled the honest storytelling to a good-humored spectacle. This leaves lingering lessons on chasing dreams while finding true love.

Charting consistent impressive ratings, the chirpy synergy of four friends living a common life leaves an impression on how love and happiness are always within our reach if we are brave and forbearing enough to claim it.

The approachable framing of the love and life struggles makes this drama a comforting chronicle due to its vivid sketches on how common people fight their ways to claim the love and life they deserve. It displays a well-thought scenario, from kick-off to its closure.

It is a rom-com delight that draws strength from the realistic and heartfelt conversations. It has managed to avoid K-drama cliches, thanks to the genius depiction of how normal people live to dream and to love.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping proves it deserves the hype it got prior to airing. The polished storytelling reflects why they lead the midweek drama race considering it was pitted against impressive dramas on the same time slot.

It switches from comic highs, courtroom thrills and heart-fluttering moments while treading on the exciting fantasy landscape.  If you are up for a binge, this is the perfect Kdrama for you.

Lee Jong Suk While You Were Sleeping

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

There was no dull moment on watching the romance blossomed for the love couple of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? Embellished with saccharine scenes and made even more lively with ample quirks, Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young’s collaboration was a darling treat for rom-com followers.

While it did not have a neatly written and creatively imagined plot, it was still an enjoyable watch which would make you smile and laugh. It banked on the perfect execution of the couple’s love journey and targeted people, who preferred a light and comfy story full of romance and heart-flutters.

What's wrong with secretary kim

Suspicious Partner

While it is not as addictive as the romcom drama favorites, the charming love couple is keen in displaying a delightful relationship to hook back the attention, when the unfolding of events starts circling.

Nevertheless, it is the right amount of bubbly main cast that sustained the dragging and tiring parts of the narrative. Still worthy of your time especially if you are a Ji Chang Wook fan.

Suspicious Partner

Touch Your Heart

It was 16 episodes full of fluffy and heart-fluttering moments, with a tinge of heartaches and trials. These were the elements that made this drama worth watching.

Touch Your Heart was really an enjoyable drama. The story’s simplicity and the characters were its main hook. Some people may find the story too ordinary and cliche but somehow the drama made it work.

The drama’s focus did not shift as it had always been about the love journey of Jung Rok and Yoon Seo. The side arcs added interest to the events that help the main couple find their way towards each other.

Touch Your Heart EP9

Search: WWW

Smartly written, Search: WWW celebrates the triumphs achieved by women determined to define their worth on their own. At the same time, it gave a picture of how even successful career women struggle to find their inner piece.

As women suffering from over-dependency are often depicted on Korean dramas, it is such a refreshing moment to meet ladies who genuinely portray the other type of girls K-Dramaland refuse to delve on.

Search: WWW

Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is an engrossing period TV production starter if you are a new kdrama addict recruit. The mixture of youthful romantic vibe and the seriousness of historical plot will encourage you that this kind of genre is not boring as it seems.

All those high moments from the love couple’s journey made this heartwarming tale tap on those youthful romantic memories that we have kept dear in our hearts over our own personal life. Particularly of those days when our love views were not yet corrupted and just free flowing.

Prince Young and his first love Ra On can take you to an amazing ride with their binding commitment in not giving up on love.

Love in the Moonlight

Moon Embracing The Sun

The young love which bloomed and defied time, reasons, and political issues are reasons why the production is applauded immensely. Parading strong and consistent character portrayals, supernatural seasonings, family issues and brotherly love, cemented the viewers’ loyalty. It is euphoric on its strong notes and contemplating on its sad tones.

The verdict?  This is a drama full of love and anguish, but you will eventually CHERISH it.

Best Korean Romance Dramas

Radio Romance

There are dramas that make you smile even with unnecessary plot bends because the narrative knows when to stop with playing safe, or when to bounce back after an uncalled for storyline lapse.

The series guardedly moved to a perceivable curve of fulfilling its romantic promise, and not over-achieving the technicalities of the conflicts that surrounded the love pairing.

As simple and as serene as it can be, Radio Romance is a romantic treat that can be shared with friends and family.

The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover sans a complicated story, is heartfelt in conceiving relatable characters for the audience to cheer and be inspired on. The age group, which this drama targets, would enjoy the budding romance, quirky and cute boys of the idol band and the music, tailored to the setbacks that they encounter in pursuing romance and life achievements.

For the young-at-heart viewers, the immature scenarios and the shallow narratives might test your patience, but it will also remind you about how being young gifts us life experiences that we can look back on. All those memories will always stay special in our lives.

Korean Drama Actors


Star-studded drama, Inheritors, depicts the stories of elite children. Decorated with young love elements, friendship and chasing dreams – and you get the usual ingredients staple for youth-centered stories.

Through Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s lead, the Kim Eun Seok penned drama might appear too familiar with its rich-boy-poor-girl story. However, its mesmerizing point of having the love pairing dauntlessly claim each other made up for its predictable framework.

Rooftop Prince

Joseon Era – All is doing well in the life of Crown Prince Yi-gak (Park Yoochun). The empire is smooth sailing and he enjoys afternoon walks with his princess and riddle games with his sister-in-law.

Until a morning of surprise when the Crown Princess is found dead floating on a lake. Determined to catch the culprit on the Princess’ death, he gathered three of the most useful Joseon men he could find and off they go to uncover the mystery.

In their pursuit to unveil the cause of the Princess’ death, they are transported 300 years after to modern Korea and landed on a rooftop house. From there the real adventure begins.  The adorable three Musketeers and their Prince are a bundle of bliss showering me laughter fits on how they acclimatize to modern living. The romance is not rushed, and with that love-transcending-time premise, excuse me Romeo and Juliet they’re the couple to beat.

It is not your perfect drama technical and script wise, in fact there are a few labyrinth-bound story plots and out of place conflicts, but then again the sweet moments and the humor are overpowering so you would hardly notice the misses.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

A rich, lazy college student (Lee Seung Gi) dreams of becoming an action star. He accidentally frees a pretty woman from an enchanted picture.

She turns out to be a nine-tailed-fox imprisoned for a long time.  The two work on their dreams of becoming an actor and becoming a human and soon enough fall in love with each other.

The fantasy and reality mixture of the story is what kept the engrossing vibe. Shin Min Ah’s gumiho character perks up the drama in providing laugh trip moments due to her journey in adapting to the human world.

The love fulfillment, although hindered with the supernatural bead that binds the main love couple, is a neat conflict catalyst cementing the love connection which grew on the course of them wanting to be each other’s protector and person.

The Greatest Love

Staged in the showbiz land, The Greatest Love revolves around the story of a top actor in his prime and a struggling actress who used to be from a famous girl group but was condemned unfairly by the public’s judgment.

In a series of forming-a-love-story event, they keep on crossing the same path every now and then. Before he knows it, the cutely egoistic and mischievous Dokko Jin’s protective instinct is awakened by the pure-sometimes-vulnerable character of Ae-jung.

This drama has one of the most iconic battle-for-the-leading-lady’s-heart showcase. The two male leads incidentally warm love veins with their creativity to let Ae Jung notice how much they love her. The Greatest Love disarms the viewers from earthly life and draws them to thrive inside a protective romantic bubble.  It is done short and sweet with a basket full of happy hearts delivered personally by cupid.

When the Camellia Blooms

A single mother who discovered love in a small town hounded by an unsolved serial killing stigma appears heavy on paper. Hence, the comforting feel of When The Camellia Blooms strangely does not fit its premise. Therefore, it layers as an additional charm of the narrative.

Chuckling multiple times on Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Ha Neul’s portrayals of the main love pairing is normal. Their love is pure, encouraging and heartwarming. Deviating from excessive drama and taking the middle-aged romance route makes the story more appealing to people in their 30’s.

Just like every woman who waits for a memorable love, whether it arrived or not, Dong Baek brims with resilience carved in her life. Albeit struggling to show confidence owing to her history, the kindness deep in her heart sustained the grievances in her life. Her fortitude was eventually blessed with a lover who is willing to tackle the Herculean task of shielding Dong Baek against the mishaps haunting her.

When the Camellia Blooms reminds us that happiness is not supposed to be chased. It has to be savored right at the very moment it happens.

When the Camellia Blooms

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna was more than just a fantasy romance drama. It managed to deliver resounding life lessons viewers can all learn from. Despite its otherworldly theme, Jang Man Wol, Goo Chan Seong, as well as the rest of the characters, were representations of ordinary people grappling to understand their existence. They depicted emotions that viewers can relate to, most especially those we struggle to take control of such as anger, grudges and pain.

In the midst of the supernatural elements were the presence of human emotions. The drama clearly presented the driving force behind Man Wol’s attitude. Her past explained her actions, though she might have been blinded to the truth about Chung Myung’s betrayal. Her clinging to that anger and hate for so long was totally understandable as she never knew the real reason.

Still 17

The story of a woman, who wakes up from a 13-year coma and is left to figure out how to survive in her 30-year old self, has designed woman-empowering lessons about chasing dreams and living in the moment.

Live in the moment while appreciating life changes is the lingering nudge I received from Thirty But Seventeen. Albeit some supine plot movements, it is a safe watch, but don’t expect too much.

When compared to a musical piece, it lacks the crescendo to make the rhythm push the audience upwards for some lingering thoughts about it, yet you appreciate while watching it, no doubt.

Thirty But Seventeen


Watching Chocolate in a binge requires patience given its supine mood. Consistently enclosing the story to its main love pairing, the drama created momentous side stories for its supporting cast. But the soothing tone was just so tranquilizing that I remembered more of the patient stories than the angst and happy endings the main cast achieved.

Bridging strained relationships, Chocolate is a heartwarming reminder that death can be painful but the memories left by our departed loved ones help us get by.

Reminding us that life is fleeting, it wants us to be thankful of each day we get to live feeling the warmth of our loved ones.


Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Conveniently framed, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung has merits that do not go away as the story progressed. It makes you feel inwardly delighted rooting for the hopes and dreams of its characters.

Apart from resolving the outdated Joseon policies pointed out in the story, the drama also pictured a distinct romance set up that is unthinkable in the era when Hae Ryung and Yi Rim live. Ultimately, conveying the message of understanding the need to accept new trends arising in love and life relationships.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Love Alarm

Riding on the trend of viral mobile apps, Netflix’s very own original series Love Alarm centers around the “JOAlarm” or the “Love Alarm”. The app notifies its users when there is someone who likes them within a 10 meter radius. The app connects directly to the users’ hearts, which somewhat proves its authenticity.

A refreshing and quick reprieve viewers can indulge on a weekend break.

Love Alarm

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