Ryu Hye Young Declares She Is Ready To Soar After 3-Year Small Screen Hiatus

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Ryu Hye Young remarked, “I have found myself, now I am going to leap,” as she sat in a recent interview after wrapping her comeback drama.

Reply 1988, one of the most popular dramas of 2016 has produced many stars including Ryu Hye Young. The actress took a three-year break and returned with Eunjoo’s Room as a treat.

Ryu Hye Young

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A Three year break for myself

When asked if she missed work during the break, she boldly confessed that she wasn’t chased by other people’s watch, but lived her own minutes to find herself.

With overwhelming questions filling her head, she decided to halt the journey and rest in order to have the correct answers. Being caught up in a hurried surroundings, meeting new works, showing the world a new look and impatience didn’t work. “If I can’t concentrate on my own, the public who see my performance will feel uneasy.” Thus, the three years’ time was to find what makes her happy.

A quick hiatus

The break wasn’t a piece of cake when apprehensions came up. It pushed her to be responsible for her choice. But that never stopped her, as she wholeheartedly accepted her way. “I did not know myself even though I had a life ahead of me, but I think I have known myself more in the last three years.” She brimmed with confidence as she herself can feel the impact before and after in the appearance of Eun Joo’s Room. For her, the drama became more of a push to further her activities.

Ryu Hye Young

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Playing Eun Joo

In her recent drama, Ryu Hye Young portrayed Eun Joo. She lives a life that everyone envies. She lives freely without being disturbed by anyone. Things become topsy-turvy though as she quits her job and looses motivation in everything.

Being one year younger to Eun Joo, the actress got to learn a lot from the character. “My sensitive personality has become flexible with the positive part of Eun Joo.” Ryu Hye Young got carried away as she mentioned her desire to live an ordinary life since high school, but she got to experience them only through her dramas.

“I am looking forward to the next work with spare time, but I am not going to rest as long as I did before,” Ryu promised her fans. Strongly desiring to challenge various characters by receiving the good energy from them, is one of her dreams as an actress.

The set of her room in her recent drama is warm and cozy with charming furnishing and props filling the ambiance. She also shared the accessories and her own home maintenance by mentioning her cute ornaments and a plant cactus she owned. “It is annoying to clean it,” she said. She added how she needed someone who cherishes the plant than her.

Ryu Hye Young

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Ryu Hye Young’s Story

When you listen to her story, it gives the impression that her life is simple. “It is good to stay with people but better to have a house alone,” she said.

Her New Year resolution is to increase reading. “I am looking for bookstores frequently because I feel the need of reading in volume while getting older. I enjoy them and hope to have the ability to choose a good book.”

Instead of blaming 20’s when she reaches her thirties, Ryu Hye Young wanted to concentrate in her twenties now.

The actress who debuted through a short film High school Girls assured her supporters that her quick break was a healing and resting time for her.

As Rye Hye Young is back on the run, let us lend our support on her journey and wait for more to come.

Ryu Hye Young

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