SEVENTEEN’s “Heng:garae” Is A Huge Success Across The World: Here’s Why

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It has been two weeks since SEVENTEEN made their comeback. Now, here they are, scoring amazing records everyday and dominating the K-Pop scene!

SEVENTEEN impresses everyone with their successive growth by hitting amazing records and eventually becoming one of the biggest-selling artists today.

Thus, we made a list of the remarkable achievements made by SEVENTEEN with Heng:garae so far.

Since 2015, SEVENTEEN has been growing silently and creating their own path as self-producing artists. Now, with their new album Heng:garae, the thirteen-member group shows how much they have grown through one of their most impressive works ever.

Indicating their ceaseless march to the top, SEVENTEEN demonstrates domestic power and global influence. Below are the proofs.

Billboard Feats


Note: “Billboard Emerging Artist Chart” ranks the most popular artists of the week by comprehensively analyzing several Billboard charts, including “Hot 100,” “Billboard 200,” and “Social 50.”


“Left & Right”

Other Major Achievements

Scoring amazing feats within a week of its release, Heng:garae sweeps iTunes Charts in 36 regions, tops China’s QQ Music and break records in Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart.

SEVENTEEN becomes the second act to sell over one million copies during the first-week sales in 2020 after BTS. They are also the third K-Pop group with the highest first-week sales in Initial Chodong record in history per Hanteo.

Joining the list of the newest summer hit songs, “Left & Right” blows up the social media by storm as various celebrities from different nations joined the latest dance craze #LeftRightChallenge.

As of writing the music video of “Left & Right” has already reached 39,463,189 views after its release on June 22.

Gaon Chart Double Crown

On July 2, SEVENTEEN earned double crown by topping this week’s Gaon Chart (June 21 to June 27). Their album Heng:garae soars No. 1 on “Gaon Physical Album Chart” while the Kit version of Heng:garæ also charted separately at No. 5 on the same chart.

The group’s title song “Left & Right” respectively holds No. 1 spot on “Gaon Digital Download Chart.”

“Left & Right” Consecutive Music Show Wins

1st Win (MBC’s Show Champion)

SEVENTEEN took home their first music show trophy for “Left & Right” in Shown Champion on July 1.

The group did not appeared and performed at the show, however, they sent a video message to give thanks to Carats.

“Thank you so much for loving our album that we worked hard for. Above all, Carats, thank you for waiting for us and making us number one.”vocalist Seungkwan said. Then, DK exclaimed, “Carats are the best!”, expressing his love for their fans.

2nd Win (Mnet’s M Countdown)

On July 2, SEVENTEEN secured their second music show win for “Left & Right” in M Countdown. Competing for the first place, SEVENTEEN respectively scored 10,705 points while IZ*ONE secured 6650 points.

As the group received their trophy, Seungkwan expressed his gratefulness and love towards their fans. “We came back after nine months and the members have worked hard. I would like to convey our gratitude to Carats.” Mingyu added, “Carats we love you!”

SEVENTEEN then fulfilled a fun winning ceremony by tossing the members in the air. This celebration relates to their album Heng:garae which means “to toss someone”.

Watch their acceptance speech and encore stage at M Countdown below:

3rd Win (KBS’ Music Bank)

SEVENTEEN scores their third win for “Left and Right” on July 3. Contending against IU’s “eight”(Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS), SEVENTEEN won with 11,579 points. IU’s “eight” accumulated 3,613 points.

The group’s sweetest leader S.Coups expressed, “First of all, thank you so much to Carats. We worked hard to make this album to give strength to everyone. I am thankful that it’s receiving lots of love. We will work harder as SEVENTEEN who makes music for everyone. Thank you.”

Watch SEVENTEEN’s winning ceremony for “Left and Right” in Music Bank:

4th Win (MBC’s Music Core)

On the July 4 episode of Music Core, SEVENTEEN earned their fourth trophy for “Left & Right”. Contending against BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” and IU’s “eight” (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS), SEVENTEEN garners 8,540 points. Meanwhile BLACKPINK earns 7,596 points and IU with 6,900 points.

The group did not perform at the show but they sent their gratitude to fans by posting a photo to their official Twitter account.

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