Shin Min Ah On Her Latest tvN Drama: No Pressure To Repeat The Success Of ‘Goblin’

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Shin Min Ah is back!

Korean actress Shin Min Ah is set to make her silver screen return with fantasy-romance drama ‘Tomorrow With You’ this February 3. The new drama will yet be another tvN‘s newest offering, after the hit drama ‘Goblin’.

Despite succeeding ‘Goblin’, Shin Min Ah told Harper Bazaar that she does not feel pressured to repeat the success achieved by ‘Goblin’.

According to the actress, she feels more pressured as the production of the drama has concluded, and changing the plot will not be an option. She admitted that she had a lot of worries while filming ‘Tomorrow With You’.

Shin Min Ah also distanced her new drama to its predecessor as both productions involved time traveling themes. The actress explained that the drama is more focused on the future than the past, compared to other time-travel dramas.

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“Characters usually travel back to the past in other dramas. In ours, we try to overcome what will happen in the future through the present,” she added.

She also expressed her excitement to see and hear the viewers’ reactions to ‘Tomorrow With You’.

Shin Min Ah will play the character of photographer Song Ma Rin. The new tvN drama also headlines actor Lee Je Hoon, who plays the role of Yoo So Joon. Lee Je Hoon’s character has the ability to travel through time via a subway.

‘Tomorrow With You’ will have its first broadcast on February 3. The drama is set to air every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. KST.

Watch the drama’s six-minute preview below:


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