CONCERT RECAP: Solar Shines Bright in Manila: A Vibrant Start to Her “COLOURS” Tour

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Solar, the enthusiastic leader and solid main vocalist of the renowned K-pop group MAMAMOO has embarked on her second solo concert tour titled “COLOURS” on June 16, 2024, at The Theatre at Solaire in Manila.

This concert series marks a significant milestone in her solo career, following her successful debut as a solo artist in 2020 with the single “SPIT IT OUT.” This is her first overseas stop for her tour which she will also bring to Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The ecstatic soloist has graced her Filipino fans again with her overwhelming presence, powerful vocals, colorful performances, and amiable humor.

Here’s how the concert went down yourMimah!”

Iridescent Solar

Strobe lights flashing on the stage signaled the crowd to roar as the mother herself opened the show with her latest EDM track single, “Colours.” Doubling down on the energy brought forth by her opening, she followed up with “Raw,” and her debut song, “Spit It Out.” 

Still catching her breath from the first performances, she said, “Hello po! Ako po si Solar!” And her fans returned the energy enthusiastically. She welcomed everyone to her second concert and lovingly gazed at the crowd as she expressed how she was so happy to see everyone again. She reminisced how loud Yongsoons (Solar’s fandom name) were also during MyCon in Manila which happened last February, 2023. She quickly commented, “The best kayo!” and the fans roared in agreement. 

As the set continued, fans soaked in Solar’s mellow and honey voice as she slowed down and sang “Mellow,” but picked up the pace again with “Honey Honey,” and “Honey Bee.”

The quick water break after the second part turned into a funny interaction with her Yongsoons as she sipped her hot honey water and the fans dared her to drink it in one shot (“shot puno”) to which the artist laughed off.

Solar sang “Where the Wind Rises,” “Only Longing Grows,” and “Love Has Gone,” letting the fans enjoy her crystal-clear vocals and all the emotions that came with it. These songs also mark the end of the euphoric first part of the show.

Never letting her fans go unoccupied while preparing for the next set, Solar masterfully prepared her VCR, which the fans gobbled in enjoyment. In it, Solar cosplayed and sang covers of songs from famous artists like Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, Gwen Stefani’s Candyman, Sia’s Chandelier, and Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again— from the beginning until the bloopers—all scenes oozed with her powerful voice and her brand of comedy.

Solar returned shortly after an outfit change and sang her naughty, but cutesy song, “Big Booty.” She followed it up with the guitar riffs, and another powerful vocal performance, with “Blues.”

The crowd quickly followed the story of Anna and Armand flashing on the screen while being told by Solar who donned Anna’s robe and assumed a musical setup as she sang her ballads, “Matahari,” “C’est La Vie,” “The Girl I Used to Be,” and “One Last Time.”

Her voice is the gift that keeps on giving as Solar graced the crowd with her mood-boosting songs such as “Easy Peasy,” “Star Wind Flower Sun,” and “Hello.” 

She picked up on the excitement of her Yongsoons with songs from her new album again with “Empty,” and with “But I” as her last song for the second set.

Before Solar even got off the stage after the (fake) final bow, the fans were already shouting for an encore. Not disappointing, Solar appeared in the crowd as she went around the theater for a close encounter with fans who were screaming at the top of their lungs because of the unexpected crowd appearance. For her encore, Solar sang “It’s Been a Long Time,” “Bohemian,” and “Paradise.”

Amazing fan interactions happened right after as the artist got more candid with the crowd. She was able to joyfully recall her brief time in the Philippines where she used to study English during her elementary years. During the same moment, she was gifted a lyric book by her Yongsoons and she happily obliged song requests (impromptu performances, yes.) from her fans. She sang “Unholy,” “Adrenaline,” and “Blue Bird,” some in a capella. 

Buttering up the fans with “You guys should know this song.” she put out another, but very welcome, surprise by covering the Philippine’s Nation’s girl group Bini’s “Pantropiko.” Although it was evident throughout, the synergy between the artist and her fans was very evident here as she connected with Filipino pop culture.

She closed her almost 3-hour show with her songs, “I Will Give You All My Love,” and an encore of “Colours,” and this time, everybody stood up and raved. 

The show concluded with an overwhelming wave of joy and satisfaction from fans. Solar captivated the audience with her powerful vocals, dynamic stage presence, and heartfelt interactions, creating an unforgettable evening for all attendees. The energy in the venue was palpable as fans cheered, sang along, and enjoyed exclusive moments with the artist. Solar’s performances not only showcased her incredible talent but also her genuine connection with her fans, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating her next show. The concert was a resounding success, setting a vibrant tone for the rest of her Asian tour.

Words by Faye Rose Ann Gorospe

Photos by Arielle Elep