5 Times “Something In The Rain” Tugged Our Hearts With Love Lessons

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Along with the beautiful story, Something in the Rain gifts its viewers each week with love-affirming lessons.

For years, K-drama followers have been blessed with many beautiful stories that it would take an almost perfectly blended romance to leave a lasting impression to viewers.

JTBC’s latest drama Something in the Rain reinvents the romance drama landscape with how it fervently keeps the serenity of the storytelling by its heartfelt dialogues and spontaneous scenarios.

We can run down a deal-snatching pitch on why Something in the Rain is one of the best dramas to watch in 2018. But we want to highlight the core magic of its endearing narrative.

Here are love takeaways that you can learn from Jun Hee (Jung Hae In) and Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin).

Something in the Rain

1. Leave a relationship that does not respect your self worth.

Jin Ah, the heroine of the story played by Son Ye Jin, is burdened on how she will tell her parents about her breakup with her boyfriend — owing to his infidelity — since her mother favors him a lot because of his family background.

Her self-centered ex-lover causes her traumatic experiences that can’t be mended anymore by all those happy memories they shared together.

She wallows in pain and disappointment but picks up her pieces back, not making any apologies on how she repairs her broken self.

She has failed so many times to leave the unhappy relationship because she feels it could be her last chance for marriage. But she opts to be braver than trapping herself in a relationship that lost not only love, but also respect along the way.

Something in the Rain

2. There is no way of telling what kind of love you deserve to have.

The simple yet emotionally crippling conflict of how Jin Ah and Jun Hee are almost family (Therefore, their family will most likely not approved of their affair.) spins the central problem of Something in the Rain.

Jun Hee, played by Jung Hae In, falls in love with his sister’s best friend, who is also his best friend’s sister.

He bravely confronts the anger of his woman’s mother, who has treated him as her own son, and who has strongly declared her dream of marrying her daughter to a man with impressive family background.

But firm on his principle that their romance should not be affected by the society’s preconceived notion of what’s acceptable in a relationship or not, he questions why his age disparity with Jin Ah warrants impossibility, but if the situation is reversed to a man being older than a woman, it is deemed tolerable.

There should only be one condition for you to pursue a relationship — mutual love.

Something in the Rain

3. Love means moving forward and not dwelling in the past.

Jin Ah’s rude ex-lover might have rung a bell to people with painful past relationships. Jun Hee is even put in that heartbreaking situation of seeing Jin Ah’s intimate moments with her ex-boyfriend, when he saw the picture attachment of the reconciliation flowers and the stored sensual photos of Jin Ah in her ex’s computer.

That scene definitely raised sympathy for viewers. But Jun Hee’s love for his woman overpowers his wounded ego that he hid the truth about the incident, simply because he does not want her growing confidence to be shattered again.

From its onset, Something in the Rain is clear on not sugar-coating the romance. It cuts painfully deep when it has to. It is agonizingly cruel, making it more realistic and lingering.

Something in the Rain

4. Bravery is required to love someone.

As broken as she can be, Jin Ah held on to that glimpse of hope that after all her failed relationships, someone will come along and would be worth all the troubles he can give.

Jun Hee made her realize that you could be in love and not be in a relationship, and you could be in a relationship without love. When she mustered courage to be with Jun Hee by placing her hand on his, he returned it by showering her with all the love that he can give.

Uncertainties is inevitable on any love starting point. But you won’t know if it’s for you, if you won’t try.

Something in the Rain

5. Loving someone encourages you to become a better person.

There is faint insertion of distressing issues incorporated in the drama. One of it depicted Jin Ah’s submissive role as an employee who let her senior male employees take advantage of her professionally and physically.

Jun Hee slowly made his girl change to become a woman who values herself by not allowing unnecessary favors that is not required of her job. She changed for the better because that’s the least that she can do so that her loving boyfriend will not worry about her.

If the love ride does not make the passengers grow as a person and grow together, consider changing the passenger.

Something in the Rain

You can watch Something in the Rain on Netflix!

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