Son Ho Jun Talks About His Role In ‘Breeze Of Love’ And Working With Lim Ji Yeon

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How did Son Ho Jun adapt to his role in ‘Breeze of Love’?

Breeze of Love, also known as Blow Breeze, is a Saturday-Sunday MBC drama, starring Son Ho Jun and Lim Ji Yeon.

The 50-episode drama is currently airing in Malaysia through Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm, with English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.

The drama depicts Jang Go (Son Ho Jun) who was a pauper trying to make ends meet, till he discovered that he may be the heir to a huge fortune. While fighting for his newly found inheritance, he meets Mi Poong (Lim Ji Yeon), a North Korea defector whose love is not tainted by his new found wealth.

In light of the drama, Oh!K has released an interview with Son Ho Jun to share with Hellokpop readers:

1. How was it like working with Lim Ji-yeon? This is the first time that you are taking up a role in a melodrama. What are your thoughts?

Son: It was awkward in the beginning but I have gotten used to my role! Thankfully, Ji Yeon and I have have met each other previously in a variety show. I feel really comfortable acting alongside Ji-yeon and this helps to get used to my role in a melodrama for the first time quickly.


2. Your last act was in ‘Three Meals a Day’. How are you going to overcome your image as an entertainer through this drama?

Son: The Son Ho-jun that is seen in ‘Three meals a day’ is my true self, whereas viewers will get to see me as Jang-ho in ‘Breeze of Love’. I believe that these two roles are extremely different and hence, have never put much thought into trying to differentiate them.


3. With a love story that is expected to develop, how do you plan to develop this relationship with Lim Ji-yeon?

Son: I think we will make a good couple on screen. As I am a really shy person, I am thankful that I have met Ji-yeon beforehand. This should help to build up the chemistry fast!


4. As the leading actor for a 50 episode drama, do you feel pressurized?

Son: For me, I always try to have fun in whatever I do. On top of that, I will try to learn as much as I can from the crew and fellow actors. Working with experienced actors provides me with a wealth of tips, which helps to enhance my acting. Hence, I believe that I am ready to pull off my role in Breeze of Love. Please stay tuned.

This interview is brought to hellokpop readers by Oh!K.

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