Song Joong Ki Reveals The Reason For Sudden Wedding Announcement

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Song Joong Ki is really a thoughtful lover.

Song Joong Ki recently made an interview with a local media outlet. During the interview, the actor shared about his engagement with actress Song Hye Kyo and his feeling ahead of their wedding ceremony, which will take place in October 2017.

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Song Joong Ki said: “Married couples say they don’t feel it’s real until the wedding day. I think it’s similar (to what I’m feeling).”

Besides, the idol also expressed his excitement and gratitude as he continuously receives congratulations and wishes from everyone after his wedding news was announced.

He said: “This morning, someone walked by and congratulated. A lady at the sauna also congratulated me. I feel so grateful for fans and passersby who congratulate me with bright faces.”

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In addition, Song Joong Ki revealed the big reason why he and his wife-to-be Song Hye Kyo decided to open their romantic relationship to the public: “Honestly, it’s true that I thought it would be better to make the announcement after the film (The Battleship Island)’s release.”

He added: “There were many unfounded rumors about me and Hye Kyo, and there were times I was upset about that. That’s why I decided to reveal everything.”

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