Are You Ready For The “Dream Show In Bangkok”?

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The multi-talented teenager group, NCT Dream, brings The Dream Show Tour in Thailand!

NCT Dream is set to hold a two-day concert in Bangkok, Thailand on December 1 and 2 at Thunder Dome. Easily selling out all the tickets for their back-to-back shows the same day as the tickets were released, NCT Dream definitely ascertained their immense popularity internationally.

NCT Dream will take you on a rollercoaster ride!

With NCT Dream’s current diverse discography, they are sure to provide a myriad of memorable performances for the Thai NCTzens.

The songs included in the concert range features upbeat and powerful beats; to slow and emotional tunes. Along with their hit songs since debut, “Chewing Gum,” “My First and Last,” “We Young,” “Go,” “We Go Up,” and “Boom;” NCT Dream will also perform their popular B-side tracks.

The Dreamies will serenade their fans with fan-favorite songs like “Walk You Home” and “Candle Light.”

 A lot of surprises are in store for the Thai NCTzens. But one thing is for sure, NCT Dream is set to make the fans experience a rollercoaster ride!

They can go wild with “Drippin’” and “119”, turn soft at the cute performances with “Best Friend” and “My Page,” and perhaps, shed a few tears during the ending ment.

The Dream Show is near, how ready are you?

With only a few days left before NCT Dream takes the stage in Bangkok, NCTzen, just how ready are you?

Let’s tick off some of the to do’s in our list before the concert!

There are a few things you need to bear in mind before you attend the show.

First, be prepared because you are assured to have an awesome time. Wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely. (But make sure to follow proper concert etiquette!) Make sure you print a copy of your ticket, save a copy on your phone, and bring proper identification.

Second, make sure you have your NCT lightstick ready. To have a full concert experience, the pearl neo champagne ocean is a sight to behold so make sure you bring yours!

Don’t worry! If you have gotten no time to order one, official goods for The Dream Show Tour will be available on both concert dates!

Here is the list of the merchandise you can buy during the concert dates:

Third, learn the fan chants! NCT Dream specifically took the time to personally create the fan chants for their song, “Beautiful Time.” They even released a fan chant guide video.

Lastly, prepare your voices. You need to scream on top of your lungs: YO DREAM! JJEOREO JUJA, FIGHTING!

Image Credit: SM Entertainment

The Dream Show in Thailand is brought to fans by SM Entertainment, Dream Maker Entertainment LTD, and SM True.

Sources: SM True, NCT Dream Twitter