Lee Min Ho Makes A Heroic Rescue And Declares Kim Go Eun His Future Queen In Episodes 11 & 12 Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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Though The King: Eternal Monarch is approaching its end as the finale nears, the drama stunned viewers this week with its most climactic scenes yet!

Episodes eleven and twelve of The King: Eternal Monarch provided the answers viewers have been waiting for throughout the season! In this action-packed week, audiences watched as Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul began to experience the consequences of Lee Lim’s evil plans. Moreover, as other doppelgangers travelled between worlds, the episodes laid the groundwork for the latter end of the series.

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The Rescue

This week revealed the most climactic scene of the drama so far. After Lee Lim found Tae Eul’s doppelganger Luna, he convinced her to take over Tae Eul’s life in the Republic of Korea. After crossing into the parallel world, she prepares by cutting her hair like Tae Eul’s and following her around. Tae Eul remains unaware.

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After working out in her home, Tae Eul drinks water and passes out as she has been poisoned. Once she wakes, she is bound and sees Lee Lim’s henchman close by. She is secretly given a knife by the mysterious boy we have seen previously hanging around Lee Lim’s bookstore, who is hinted to be a godly figure. Tae Eul fights her kidnappers with this knife and manages to steal a gun, escaping. She shockingly realizes she is in the Kingdom of Corea.

Meanwhile, Lee Gon discovers the bookstore that Lee Lim has been using to operate and manage information from both worlds. His men kill Lee Lim’s supporters in the store. Most importantly, he realizes that Lee Lim has been transporting people from the Kingdom of Corea into the Republic of Korea, with the rule that they must kill their doppelganger. He realizes Tae Eul is thus in danger.

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On the other hand, Tae Eul fights off Lee Lim’s men as they try to recapture her. She makes a desperate call to the castle to try to alert Lee Gon that she needs his help. One of Lee Lim’s men attempts to hit her with his car. After defeating him, she only has two bullets left in her gun but sees a swarm of Lee Lim’s henchmen coming towards her.

However, both the men and Tae Eul are shocked to hear helicopters and see police cars surround them. Lee Gon heroically storms the road on horseback, leading the group of his team behind him. He yells to his men that they are saving Corea’s future Queen. They fight off Lee Lim’s men, saving the injured and shocked Tae Eul.

The couple romantically embraces, and Lee Gon carries Tae Eul back to his palace.

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The Romance

After Lee Gon’s dashing savior moment, the couple spends Tae Eul’s recovery together. Lee Gon watches her carefully by her bedside and cooks a meal for her. Tae Eul explained that she was worried the door closed between their worlds. She thought the previous time they saw each other was their last meeting.

Realizing the preciousness of their time together, the two have a heated kissing moment. These episodes show the couple’s feelings for one another only intensify, though their chances of remaining together seem bleaker each week.

Our favorite secondary couples also had cute screen time. Eun Seop is surprised to see Seung Ah in the hospital and hugs her, mistaking her for Na Ri. He realizes this is Na Ri’s doppelganger that Yeong has feelings for. Making a move on Yeong’s behalf, he slyly tells Seung Ah not to give her number to any other man.

However, in the Kingdom of Corea, Yeong is not having much luck with Na Ri. She notices Eun Seop, who is really Young, has been acting weird and is not as handsome anymore. Moreover, in a brief moment she sees herself in her parallel life as Seung Ah with Yeong, which confuses her even more.

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The Scheming

The suspenseful episodes this week were driven by the evil schemes of the villains. Viewers are left wondering how well Lee Lim and Luna will work together as they attempt to kill Tae Eul. Considering Luna’s tendency to be independent and Lee Lim’s desire for authority, it will be interesting to see if they remain partners or break off with their own agendas.

Additionally, viewers were surprised by Goo Seo Ryung’s turn to the dark side. By travelling to the Republic of Korea, it was clear she was now working with Lee Lim. Her exact plans are not clear, but audiences can anticipate her travels throwing a wrench in Lee Gon’s relationship with Tae Eul. Furthermore, Tae Eul bumps into Seo Ryung’s doppelganger named Koo Euna, who seems suspicious as she shops for heels closely resembling Seo Ryung’s.

The Reveal

The biggest revelation this week came at the end of episode 12. Tae Eul sits with Lady Noh to drink tea. Lady Noh apologizes for her rude attitude towards her when they first met. She says she trusts Tae Eul with the information she is about to share since Tae Eul is a government worker. Lady Noh reveals that she was born in 1932 in the North, and asks what happened in 1950 during the war.

This moment shocked both audiences as well as Tae Eul because she asked about a war that does not exist in her world. It indicates that Lady Noh is not from the Kingdom of Corea, but instead from the Republic of Korea.

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