Lee Min Ho Figures Explosive Discovery In Episode 13 Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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This week’s episode of The King: Eternal Monarch stunned audiences as the mystery surrounding the identity of Lee Gon’s savior was finally unveiled!

The King: Eternal Monarch continues its momentum by stirring things up this week! Episode 13 laid the groundwork for the conflicts the characters will confront in the latter end of the series.

This includes the suspicious partnership between Goo Seo Ryung and Lee Lim, the ill-fated nature of Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul’s relationship, and the inevitable battle between Lee Gon and Lee Lim.

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The Return

Following Tae Eul’s kidnapping to the Kingdom of Corea and after her recovery, she and Lee Gon realize it is time for her return to the Republic. Before leaving, the couple contemplates their destiny with one another and Lee Lim’s threats.

Tae Eul explains that she found Lee Lim’s possible forest he uses to travel between worlds. However, Lee Gon explains that the more times the door between the two worlds open, the longer time stands still. Now, time will freeze for an hour. This puts his security team at risk if he asks them to guard the forest, as Lee Lim could hurt them if time stood still and he was the only one who could move.

Lee Gon thinks that the solution would be to reunite the two halves of the magical flute but worries the door between both worlds may close forever as a result. Tae Eul requests that for now, Lee Gon should focus on the present instead of worrying about events that have not happened yet.

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The two travel to the halfway world with Eun Seop, who is returning home to the Republic as well. Tae Eul plants more flowers in the halfway world, continuing her experiment to see if life could thrive there.

Upon their arrival home, Eun Seop and Tae Eul reunite with their loved ones. Eun Seop is greeted by his cheerful siblings who are relieved to see him, as they were not fooled by Jo Yeong. Moreover, Na Ri was similarly excited to see him because Yeong was not convincing her of his identity either.

Meanwhile, Tae Eul is relieved to see her father again. However, she is concerned when he is confused. According to her father, she has been home this entire time. Tae Eul soon realizes that Luna is in the Republic and has been living her life in disguise.

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Yeong reconnects with Lee Gon, who has accompanied Tae Eul back to the Republic. He is grateful to see the King, however, he worries about the potential between Lee Gon and Tae Eul. Yeong is convinced that the couple is doomed and cannot be together because of the distance between the two worlds.

The Doppelganger

Luna begins to stir up trouble after her arrival to the Republic of Korea. Taking Tae Eul’s place while she was in the Kingdom of Corea, Luna begins to experience her doppelganger’s life. She meets Tae Eul’s father and lives in her house. For the first time, Luna feels what it is like to live in a safe, stable home.

Moreover, she encounters Kang Shin Jae. Shin Jae thinks he is speaking to Tae Eul, not Luna. Luna surprisingly plants a kiss on Shin Jae and disappears. Shortly after, he is approached by the newly returned Tae Eul. Quickly realizing it was not Tae Eul who kissed him, he leaves, emotional and taken aback.

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Tae Eul calls her old cellphone which Luna now uses, demanding a meeting. She also warns Luna not to harm those close to Tae Eul. Luna explains that if that was her plan, she would have hurt them already.

Luna promises they shall meet soon, indicating that she has a plan brewing with Lee Lim’s guidance.

The Alliance

Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung continues her ambitious plans to become Empress. Though Lee Gon is blunt with Seo Ryung, admitting his love for Tae Eul, she is even more motivated to achieve power in the midst of this challenge. She admits to the King that she believed it was best to be by his side so that she could see him better, accessing power and control. However, in light of his new relationship, she is now his opposition.

During this confrontation, Seo Ryung’s scar appears. Lee Gon realizes she has travelled to the Republic and is therefore working with Lee Lim.

Tae Eul encounters Seo Ryung in the hallway as Seo Ryung leaves the palace. She confirms her suspicions that Koo Euna, Seo Ryung’s doppelganger she met in the Republic, was actually Seo Ryung in disguise.

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In an effort to thwart Seo Ryung’s growing power in the Kingdom, Lee Gon joins forces with a lobbyist who reveals Seo Ryung’s voicemail asking her ex-husband to help her find Lee Gon’s traitors. She is expelled as Prime Minister due to her crimes.

Angrily, she leaves the office but promises that this will not stop her.

The discoveries

This week began with a startling revelation. The cliff-hanger from the previous episode’s ending is solved as Lady Noh reveals more of her past to Tae Eul. She explains that during her childhood, she was approached by a man who asked if she would like to go to a place without war. That man was the Emperor’s grandfather.

She ended up travelling to the Kingdom of Corea and has not heard anything about her original home since then. Tae Eul sadly explains that the North and South of Korea are now divided. Lady Noh accepts this news sadly but deems this as her fate. Lady Noh says just as she has ended up in the Kingdom of Corea, this is now Tae Eul’s fate too.

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The largest discovery of the episode was Lee Gon’s realization that the savior who saved him from death as a child was simply himself. Lee Gon received plain, civilian clothing from Tae Eul as a gift. He cannot shake the feeling that he has seen these clothes before.

Lee Gon tries the clothes on in his hotel room. He is surprised by a visit from Tae Eul, who brought him dinner. Lee Gon quickly realizes it is not Tae Eul, but Luna, who has stopped to visit. However, he realized too late, and Luna has poisoned him with the drink she brought him.

Beginning to feel queasy, Lee Gon catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He has a flashback to his past and realizes his savior wore the same exact outfit he is in. As he begins to collapse from Luna’s poison, Lee Gon has the realization that his savior is himself.

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