Kim Go Eun Enters Lee Min Ho’s Kingdom In Episode 4 Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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Ignoring the growing attachment to the imposing man she meets, Jung Tae Eul finally sees the evidence right before her very eyes in the latest episode of The King: Eternal Monarch.

Some details about the Republic and the Kingdom are unveiled in episodes 3 and 4 of The King: Eternal Monarch. More importantly, the unfortunate supernatural element that binds Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin), leaves clues to how they maneuver the portal that lets them cross the other world they don’t belong.

Deducing his nephew already stumbled on the alternate world where he has been hiding, Lee Lim also makes a return to the Kingdom, while Lee Gon familiarizes himself in the Republic.

After gathering his loyal followers, Lee Lim seems to be brewing trouble for Lee Gon. The latter, who is astute as he is, also figured something off in his loyal retainers after the cryptic autopsy report of the presumed dead Prince Lee Lim.

The King: Eternal MonarchThe King: Eternal Monarch

The key to open the portal

In episode 3, Jung Tae Eul musters all her patience as the Emperor still babbles about parallel universe concept. His scientific-based explanations that he sugarcoats with mushy sentences are slowly but surely warming up Tae Eul’s heart.

Lee Gon also learns that time stops when someone uses the portal linking the two worlds. That the magical flute he and his uncle both have – is the key to enter the portal. Also, that his body reacts painfully to thunderstorm.

When Lee Gon returned to the Kingdom, his icy and expressionless communication with Prime Minister Goo Seu Ryeong (Jung Eun Chae) continues.

A glimpse of Prime Minister Seu Ryeong’s commoner background plus a possible connection with Lee Rim and Prince Buyeong is also revealed. A convention of villains and disguised villains smells trouble for our hero. Thus, expect his faithful allies not to backdown in supporting their King.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Interestingly, Tae Eul finally agrees to Lee Gon’s coaxing of introducing his world. Further aiding to her decision is backed up by her newly-claimed ID,  which was described perfectly by Lee Gon matching his initial remark when they first met that he has her ID.

Wrapped in Lee Gon’s arms aboard Maximus, they cross the Kingdom where Jo Yeong (Woo Do Hwan) awaits with the King’s guards.

Accelerating romance, The King: Eternal Monarch continues to push through its enthralling love story set in parallel worlds. In the preview of its upcoming episodes, it is now Jung Tae Eul’s time to explore Lee Gon’s world.

The King: Eternal Monarch

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