“The King: Eternal Monarch” Episodes 7 & 8 Show The Plot Line Increasingly Heating Up With Revelations & Romance

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Episodes 7 and 8 of The King: Eternal Monarch showcases first “I love you”s and first encounters between doppelgangers from parallel universes! 

Halfway to the electrifying The King: Eternal Monarch, the plot heightens the tension and drives full speed ahead. The episodes show the entangled, but very different universes explosively collide while the main couple attempt to enjoy their growing love for one another. 

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The body 

Episode 7 starts during the period of Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul’s separation, when Lee Gon returned to his rightful universe. The episode’s beginning is grim as the characters from Lee Gon’s kingdom grapple with the realization that Lee Lim’s body was not him, but instead an imposter. 

Lee Gon scrutinizes Lee Lim’s autopsy report, perplexed by the knowledge he is alive somewhere, biding time or stirring up trouble. After reuniting with Jung Tae Eul, he asks her to look into the identity of the man he has been looking for in her world. He wants her to investigate what Lee Lim has been doing in her world so they may figure out what his plans are. 

The Murder 

Jung Tae Eul and Kang Shin Jae are assigned to a new homicide case. A young woman was found gruesomely murdered in her apartment, and the cops believe the perpetrator was someone close to her. Her roommate is disturbed and frightened by the incident. However, the show reveals that this homicide case is closely connected to Lee Gon’s universe.

The startled roommate is the doppelganger of one of Lee Gon’s palace security guards, however, she is very suspicious. In Jung Tae Eul’s world, she is just as distrustful and comes forward as the murderer of the roommate. Viewers are shocked as she meets with one of Lee Lim’s henchman and explains she murdered her roommate because she heard one of her phone conversations discussing the two worlds. 

Their interaction reveals that there are many doppelgangers who know about the two universes. Moreover, under Lee Lim’s schemes, they are receiving news about the other world and communicating with Lee Lim through cellphones. Many wish to travel between the two worlds, and viewers remain curious about what Lee Lim has planned. 

The romance 

After waiting for countless episodes, viewers were treated with more sweet scenes between Jung Tae Eul and Lee Gon. Following their reunion in episode 7, the two enjoy some form of dating despite the stresses mounting regarding the close connection between the two universes. The couple casually goes out for chicken and heads to carnival shooting games to win plushie prizes for one another. 

Endearingly and obviously in love, the two finally confess their feelings for one another in episode eight. However, the ordeal is not entirely happy. Jung Tae Eul thinks to herself that though Lee Gon is her fate, she has a sinking feeling that their destiny together will be fleeting and sad. 

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Encountering Doppelgangers 

Episodes seven and eight excitingly depict characters coming into contact with others’ doppelgangers or even their own. 

Luna and Jang Tae Eul

Jung Tae Eul’s infamous doppelganger Luna is finally introduced in more detail. Goo Seo Ryung meets Luna upon her release from prison for her various crimes. Goo Seo Ryung thinks that this is the same woman she saw with Lee Gon. However, Luna’s aggressive attitude and unknowingness confuses her and leads her to believe this is Jung Tae Eul’s twin sister. 

The show explores Luna’s character even further. She is fearless, lives by crime, and knows nothing about her own personal history. It will be interesting to see how her role in the two universes develops. 

Jo Eun Seop and Jo Young

As Jo Young stubbornly follows Lee Gon into the other universe, he hilariously encounters his doppelganger Jo Eun Sob.

Though the two are wildly different, Jo Young managed to impersonate Jo Eun Seop perfectly. Furthermore, Jo Young meets Na Ri and uncovers the potential romance blooming between her and Eun Seop. 

Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung

After mysteriously receiving newspapers from the other universe, Goo Seo Ryung finally looks at them more closely. She believes they are attempting to tell her something. Though she previously believed it was fake news, she shockingly discovers her doppelganger within the newspaper. 

Kang Shin Jae

The most shocking development of the two episodes occurs at the end of episode eight. Shin Jae discovers Lee Gon is from another universe. Furthermore, Lee Gon is the child Kang Shin Jae saw crying over his dead father. 

It is still unclear to the viewers whether Shin Jae is from Lee Gon’s parallel universe, or if he was mysteriously experiencing visions from the other world following his recovery from a coma. However, as Lee Gon declares “I am your King” to Kang Shin Jae, it is clear the two are closely connected. 

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