#7ToEternityWithBTS: The Most Iconic Moments Of BTS

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The 7 glorious years of BTS has been an inspiring journey as we saw the boys rising from the bottom to the top.

It has already been 7 years since BTS made their debut. Comprising of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, BTS entered the music industry on June 13, 2013 while harbouring big dreams in their hearts.


In this long passage of time, BTS grew a lot as artists. It was not a smooth sailing journey as there were some rough patches. But with sheer hard work and dedicated support from ARMY, they went on to become the most legendary boy group in the world.

As we celebrate the special 7th year anniversary of BTS, we take a path down the memory lane trailing the journey of seven young, talented boys who went on to become living legends.

The debut that gave a glimpse of the potential of 7 young men

A 7-member group, BTS took the scene by storm as they questioned today’s youth about their dreams—or lack thereof.

The septet made a powerful debut with the album 2 Cool 4 Skool and title track, “No More Dream”. Breaking away from the norms, the septet were already conveying thought-provoking messages. The lyrics of “No More Dream” talked about today’s youth who lived without any particular goals.

1st Anniversary Celebrations

BTS may be billionaires now and own their own apartments, but there was a time, when they lived together in one room. Regardless, the boys were still very happy to have completed a year and they had a small party at their dorm as they heartily ate the food cooked by the oldest member, Jin.


Until their third anniversary, BTS Kkul FM was a regular part of BTS FESTA. With Suga hosting the show under the pseudonym DJ Shup-D, Kkul FM consisted of BTS’ heartfelt thoughts, their experiences in the past year and new goals from the future.

In 2018, BTS Kkul FM turned into BTS Dinner Party, while in 2019, the gathering was named as Bangtan Attic. Regardless, the overall content of these videos has always been the same.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era & beginning of Bangtan Universe

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life trilogy definitely is the turning point in BTS’ career. Heart touching songs, well-contrived plot, and brilliantly shot scenes makes the trilogy a classic saga.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 and “I Need U” became a huge hit in South Korea, marking the beginning of a string of successes that was about to knock BTS’ doors.

Then came The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2. After making waves at home ground, it was now time for BTS to take charge at global dominance. This fact may not be known to many people, but the group was already making dents at the US music markets way back in 2015.

With little to no promotions, the group had broke into Billboard 200 with their album, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2, which peaked at #171. Meanwhile, their “Dope” music video was also garnering popularity overseas.

Following that, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever achieved great success and one of the best selling albums in 2016. Along with that, “Fire” and “Save Me” music videos were receiving a lot of love.

Additionally, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life also gave birth to the masterpiece called Bangtan Universe, a world that is also shown in Wings short film trailer, Love Yourself Highlight reels, and Euphoria music video.

Wings: An era that was ahead of its time

Inspired from Hermann Hesse’s Demian, the Wings album belonged to an entirely different league. Delving on the theme of temptation, Wings depicts the loss of innocence at the approach of adulthood.

Consisting of solo tracks from all the members, each of the songs had different vibes aligning itself with the individual personal stories. As for the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video, it is an aesthetic art visual with sumptuous outfits and sensorial choreography.

Through this album, BTS also dedicated a song called “2! 3!” to ARMYs. While, there are many songs that BTS has made for ARMY, but “2! 3!” is the first official track. A hopeful song, “2! 3!” assuage the listeners that the better days will come soon.

When purple became more meaningful

During the 3rd Muster, ARMYs had planned a wonderful project for BTS. Back then, BTS’ light sticks, ARMY Bombs did not have the feature to change colours. However, ARMYs ingeniously created a beautiful purple ocean.

Thus, on this day, V coined a new term “Borahae” or “I Purple You,” which means “I will love you and trust you for a very long time.” The impact of this phrase became so huge, that today purple is synonymous to BTS and ARMY.

The nostalgic “Spring Day”

A song that has never left the Melon charts even after 3 years of its release, “Spring Day” is about remembering the ones that are not there anymore. Shot in a snowy scenery, the music video is visually calming and captures the poignant, bitter-sweet feeling of the sad wintery days.

From the video, it can also be observed that it has drawn references from the book, The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas and movie, Snowpiercer, both of which have thought-provoking stories.

Love Yourself: A beautiful era that also conveys an equally beautiful message

With Love Yourself: Her, BTS started promoting actively in the US. Another trilogy in BTS’ discography, Love Yourself entails journey of a person in love.

Love Yourself: Her is a bright album and is about the joys felt through love. On the other hand, Love Yourself: Tear has darker elements that talks about the pain caused due to love. Lastly, Love Yourself: Answer is about the realization of loving oneself.

It’s not just BTS’ discography that’s great but also their benevolent hearts and their contributions to social causes. During this time, in 2017, BTS started the Love Yourself campaign with UNICEF that carries the message of loving oneself. They also partnered with UNICEF in their #ENDViolence program which works on ensuring safety to children all of over the world.

UN Speech “Speak Yourself”

Becoming the first K-Pop artists ever to speak at the United Nations, BTS’ speech was relatable to many young people out there. The group’s leader, RM started the speech by narrating his own journey towards self-actualization.

He also referred to the struggles that BTS has faced and how even after achieving success, he tried very hard to accept all his flaws and blemishes as a part of himself.

Lastly, the rapper sent across the message to have confidence in oneself and said, “No matter where you’re from, skin color, gender identity, just speak yourself.”

Stadium Concert & World Tour

While having an own stadium concert is a dream for every artist, only few get to see it happening in reality. BTS became the first Korean act to have a stadium concert. Following that, the group had a stadium tour called Love Yourself Speak Yourself.

The demand for BTS’ concert tickets was so high that after they were sold out, the organizers had to add more dates to meet the demand. The venues for the world tour included Rose Bowl Stadium, Soldier Field, Metlife Stadium, Allianz Parque, Wembley Stadium, State de France and more.

Grammy Live Performance

Adding another first in BTS’ list was their stage at the Grammy Awards, which marked the first time for any Korean act to perform at the event.

BTS performed “Old Town Road” along with Lil Nas, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mason Ramsey and more at the Grammys stage. It was a short but a memorable performance and was definitely the most talked about stage of the night.

Map of the Soul: A new era with throwback to the past

Based on the book Jung’s Map of the Soul,  BTS refers to various Carl Jung’s theories, through “Persona”, “Shadow” and “Ego”. Evolving from their message of self-love from the previous era, BTS revisits and reflects on their past in Map of the Soul.

The latest release, Map of the Soul: 7, was even more special in many ways. Emphasising on the number “7′, the album relates to the number of members as well as the duration of time spent together in the music scene. Loaded with 20 high quality songs, Map of the Soul: 7 also includes solo tracks from the members that highlights their individual traits.

Additionally, as a means to give back to society, the septet initiated the CONNECT, BTS project that brings together artists from all over the world. They also worked with some contemporary dancers and a marching band for their album, as can be seen in the “Black Swan” Art Film and “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima.

Some of the septet’s notable achievements

BTS has received an unparalleled amount of success that might have been beyond anyone’s imaginations. Here are some of the important moments of their career that depicted their growth trajectory.

BTS MAMA Daesang

“Rookie of the Year” Awards

BTS were the rookies that everyone was talking about. It was evident that this group of youngsters were different and they have got what it takes to succeed. The group won multiple New Artist of the Year awards at various music award events such as Melon Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, and Seoul Music Awards.

First music show win

Though BTS had a strong start in their career, it took them 2 years to earn their first music show win. It was a dream that the members wanted to reach, for a very long time.

Finally, the group achieved the sweet result of their efforts with “I Need You,” which broke various records and gave BTS the recognition they deserved.

First Daesang

It took 4 years but BTS finally got their Daesang in 2016. They were awarded Album of the Year at 2016 Melon Music Awards for their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

Subsequently, they also won Artist of the Year at 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. This achievement is even more noteworthy because BTS were the first artists outside of the Big 3 (SM, YG, JYP), who were crowned as the Artist of the Year.

After 2016, BTS went on to win multiple Daesangs at music award shows and now currently owns 40 such awards which is also the record for highest number of Daesangs.

Big wins at Billboard Music Awards

Needless to say, global ARMYs were already growing and they are a force to reckon. With ARMYs efforts, BTS topped Billboard’s Top Social 50 and proceeded to earn a nomination for Top Social Artist at the 2017 BBMAs and finally achieved a landslide win.

Following that, BTS went on to win the Top Social Artist award again in 2018 and 2019. In addition to that, they also won in the Top Duo/ Group category in 2019.

Musicians of the Year at Korean Music Awards

Unlike other music award shows in Korea that has sales, streaming and popularity as the criteria; Korean Music Awards looks more into the artistic quality that is judged by its panel of music critics and other professionals from the industry.

BTS were crowned as Musician of the Year for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. They also won the Song of the Year award with “Fake Love” in 2019.

Order of Cultural Merit

BTS became the youngest, first-ever idol group recipient of Order of Cultural Merit. They were honoured with the Order of Cultural Merit because of their widespread influence in spreading the Korean culture.

Highest 24-hour YouTube Views Record

On April 12, 2019, BTS made a grandiose comeback with Map of the Soul: Persona and “Boy With Luv” music video. Receiving massive reactions from fans worldwide, the views started accumulated very fast and bagged the record of most viewed music video in the first 24 hours.

Best selling artists in South Korean music history

In an era where digitals have replaced the physical albums, BTS’ album sales are growing exponentially. With every comeback, the group kept breaking records for highest pre-orders as well as album sales.

Currently, 7 of the group’s albums have surpassed a million sales which is the highest for any Korean artist. Additionally, the group has amassed more than 20 million album sales, making them the best sellers in Korean music history.

Historic Daesang All-Kill

In 2019, a remarkable moment occured which had never happened in the history of Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards. BTS became the first act to sweep all the Daesangs in both these events. Continuing with the similar success, the septet achieved their 3rd Daesang All-Kill at the Golden Disc Awards that was held in January 2020.

BTS MMA 2019

No. 1 at Billboard 200 chart for four consecutive albums

It is not an easy feat to chart at Billboard 200 and furthermore, it even more difficult for artists who do not sing in English. BTS broke all the norms, with both their strong physical and digital sales.

Evidently, BTS debuted No. 1 at the Billboard 200, four times consecutively, for Love Yourself: Tear, Love Yourself: Answer, Map of the Soul: Persona and Map of the Soul: 7. Out of these, three No.1s were achieved in a span of one year, making them the first group to do so since the Beatles.

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