“The World Of The Married” Actors Talked About Their Experiences, Favorite Moments & More During The Special Broadcast Episode

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The cast of The World of the Married give last greetings and express gratitude towards fans on the drama’s special broadcast episodes.

jTBC drama, The World Of The Married has received a lot of love from audiences. During its 16-epsiode run, the drama leapt through viewership ratings in each episode becoming the cable drama with the highest ratings.

The drama was also the most talked about topic among television entertainment programs for eight consecutive weeks. Additionally, its actors were also the most raved about celebrities.

Due to the popularity of the drama, jTBC announced a special broadcast for the drama. Moreover, the channel will also be broadcasting the original BBC series, Dr. Foster. Thus, it is pretty obvious that The World Of The Married left a huge mark in everyone’s minds.

On a special broadcast of The World Of The Married that was aired on May 22 and 23 respectively, the actors recounted their experiences, shared some fascinating facts and gave more insights on the drama.

The World Of The Married Special

Most momentous scene for Kim Hee Ae

Kim Hee Ae who plays the role of Ji Sun Woo shared her thoughts and chose the birthday party scene of Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) as the most impactful event. It was that moment, when Ji Sun Woo learns that she has been betrayed by everyone.

Kim Hee Ae said, “The beginning of the episode is important. The ending of the first episode where Ji Sun Woo learns about the betrayal was shocking and unexpected.”

She further added, “It seems that the betrayal of friends was bigger than the husband’s betrayal. She was hurt by feelings of betrayal, confusion and sadness.”

The World Of The Married Special

Park Hae Joon and Han So Hee’s impression about their characters and scenes

Explaining the perception of her character, Han So Hee opined, “Yeo Da Kyung is someone who has a rich family to support her needs. Therefore, she did not care much about what she does of her future career. She was someone who craved for love and attention.”

Regarding the character Lee Tae Oh, who happened to love two people at the same time, Park Hae Joon said, “When acting as the character Lee Tae Oh, I do not think much because he is irrational. For him, the  most important thing is the burning passion in his heart. Because of that several staff members have nicknamed me ‘Fire’ Tae Oh at the shooting scene.”

Han So Hee, who portrayed Yeo Da Kyung, the new woman and second wife of Lee Tae Oh, selected the scene, where Ji Sun Woo reveals Lee Tae Oh and Yeo Da Kyung’s affair in front of her family, as the most memorable one. Han So Hee said, “It was a scene that announces a new beginning to the story and at the same time as everything changes. It was the biggest event for myself and for Da Kyung.”

Impact of Tae Oh and Da Kyung’s return to Gosan

In the drama, Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh part ways after their messy divorce but two years later, Lee Tae Oh returns to Gosan again with Yeo Da Kyung. On their return, the tension between Sun Woo and Tae Oh increases.

Park Hae Joon thinks that their return was one of the important scenes as it causes a shift in situations again. Speaking on that topic Park Hae Joon shared, “There are so many things that have happened, and it felt like I have fought several wars.”

Afterwards, Lee Tae Oh has a face-off with Ji Sun Woo’s colleague, Kim Yoon Gi (Lee Moo Saeng) and the battle of nerves ensues

Park Hae Joon stated, “Lee Tae Oh is a very emotionally honest person. He doesn’t reveal his emotions, demands or needs but he is bad at hiding it.” Additionally he said, “Lee Tae Oh, continues to make the wrong choice all the time. It was very painful filming the later episodes.”

Perspective on the second couple with similar circumstances

Park Sun Young played Go Ye Rim, who was placed in the same situation as Ji Sun Woo, but made a different choice. In regards to the character, she expressed, “Others resist and sometimes get caught up in the incident, but Go Ye Rim endured it silently. She was too pitiful.”

Concerning the scene between Ye Rim and Son Je Hyuk (Kim Young Min), where they had an argument about wanting a kid, Sun Young expressed that she still gets angry when she thinks about that scene.

In that shot, Son Je Hyuk tells his wife to adopt a dog if she’s so bored. While, recalling that moment, Kim Young Min exclaimed on how could he say such a horrible thing to his wife.

The World Of The Married Special

Thoughts on Sun Woo and Tae Oh’s push and pull relationship and Sun Woo’s connection with Min Hyun Seo

In the later epsiodes, Ji Sun Woo helps Lee Tae Oh by giving false testimony for Lee Tae Oh’s alibi. Regarding the reason why Ji Sun-woo saved Lee Tae Oh, Kim Hee Ae answered, “There is something like compassion or sympathy that she still feels for the ex-husband. So, she cannot let him suffer.”

Shim Eun Woo who takes on the part of Min Hyun Seo recalled her last scene with Kim Hee Ae, “I think about the scene, and tears come to my eyes. If Hyun Seo wasn’t there Sun Woo wouldn’t be able to look back on herself or do anything else.”

The World Of The Married Special

While, Kim Hee Ae “She is a character who is similar to Ji Sun Woo and it was depicted quite well and subtly”

Episode 12 had an unprecedented development, where flames spark between Sun Woo and Tae Oh. About the scene, Kim Hee Ae said, “We were also surprised when we read the script for the scene.”

Most emotional scene and explanation of the ending

According to Lee Moo Saeng, the most powerful scene was the beach scene where Ji Sun Woo almost tries to drown herself after she lost everything.

The actors too, collectively praised the sea scene of Ji Sun Woo and Kim Yoon Gi who gave a memorable performance and selected it as the saddest scene.

The World Of The Married Special

Referencing the scene from the last episode where Sun Woo rushes to her ex-husband again, Kim Hee Ae voiced, “I feel like Sun Woo can never break up when she feels bad. She seems to have a lot of feelings for Lee Tae Oh. In some ways, she feels the need to take care of him like a son.”

What does The World of the Married mean for the cast?

The actors then defined their brief thoughts on The World of the Married. Park Sun Young called it as, “New world of the past” and Kim Young Min referred it as “The sharpness of a relationship running on a sharp roof.”

Subsequently, Shim Eun Woo called it, “The last best gift of my 20s,” and Lee Hak Joo quoted it as, “A drama that will remain in my memory forever.”

Han So Hee stated it as, “Time I loved and hated, where both happiness and unhappiness co-existed”, Park Hae Joon named it, “Assorted kimbap that gathered everything I did,” and Kim Hee Ae referred it as, “A miraculous gift”.

Hints of the episode from the logo

The special broadcast also unraveled into some of the minute but interesting details that were placed in the drama. It was revealed that in the beginning of every episode, the logo of the drama consisted of hints of crucial events that will occur in that particular episode.

For example, in episode 1, the logo hinted a clock and in that particular episode, the clock was one of the crucial points that led Sun Woo to suspect her husband. In a similar manner, the hint for episode 3 was the parking ticket. That is the episode where the funeral of Tae Oh’s mother is taking place and Sun Woo finally catches her husband red-handed.

Park Sun Young called the production team geniuses. On the other hand, Kim Young Min declared his admiration for the smart execution, saying, “I didn’t know that the logo that was shown in every episode contained a particular meaning, but after episode 3 or 4, it caught my eye.”

Other subtle hints from the drama

The drama creators cleverly used window frames to illustrate the cracks in the marriage. There is a scene where Sun Woo and Tae Oh are having dinner together.

It looks like a normal scene but then a view shot from outside the window separate them with the frames, depicting that the distance between the couple is growing. There is a similar scene featuring Lee Tae Oh and Yeo Da Kyung.

Pictures show the thought process of the characters. Such as the movie poster, Jules et Jim at Lee Tae Oh’s home and office is about a woman in a love triangle with two men.

In the scene where Tae Oh physically assaults Sun Woo, at the background there is an artwork by Mark Rothko, which he painted after suffering a divorce. Also in the drama there is a repeated presence of the painting Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh which, in the series might be a reflection of a mother’s unwavering support.

The series had also hinted the name of Lee Tae Oh and Yeo Da Kyung’s daughter. When Yeo Da Kyung was leaving Gosan while pregnant, Ji Sun Woo and Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo) are sitting on a cafe on the other side. Here, Lee Joon Young is watching a video on his phone and the person in the video is BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

Jeon Jin Seo laughed when he heard the story and said, “I knew that I was watching BLACKPINK but I did not know that it was a hint.”

Similarities between Ji Sun Woo and Yeo Da Kyung’s outfit

The females in The World of the Married has a great fashion sense but there is a hidden meaning behind their outfits as well. It was disclosed that the clothes represent the psyche of the character.

Before divorce, Ji Sun Woo used to wear calm and cool colors. She is the protector and great support for her family, the meaning of which can be drawn from the colors of her attire. For example, the scene where she helps Tae Oh strike a conversation with Chairman Yeo, she was wearing white.

There is a also the meaning behind the colour red which Sun Woo wears twice in the series. First is when she goes to meet her divorce lawyer and second is when she goes to apologise for Joon Young. The red color highlights that Sun Woo is trying to be brave and confident.

Yeo Da Kyung also wore simple white clothes when she was having an affair. But afterwards, after her marriage with Lee Tae Oh, she wore more gorgeous clothes. In this regard, Han Seo Hee said, “We tried to make a change while preserving the feelings of Yeo Da Kyung.”

Since Sun Woo and Da Kyung have common circumstances, their outfits also gradually started to look alike. Even their reactions when they discovered their husband’s affair was similar.

Praises for the new actors

The World Of The Married birthed many rising stars such as Han So Hee, Lee Hak Joo and Shim Eun Woo.

Han So Hee has been receiving a lot of attention with portrayal of Yeo Da Kyung. When asked about what was the reaction to her character by the people around her, Han So Hee laughingly admitted that they called her wicked and she must not live her life like that.

Kim Hee Ae lauded the younger actress saying that she did not just memorise the lines but got completely immersed in the character, Yeo Da Kyung.

Adding a twist to the lives of Sun Woo and Tae Oh as a villain was Park In Kyu played by Lee Hak Joo. Referring to the insults that his character have received, the actor said, “I think I will live long.”

The actor also added, “I am not so bad in real life.” Praising the skills of the actor, Kim Hee Ae disclosed that she is afraid that he might appear in her dreams.

Speaking about Shim Eun Woo, Kim Hee Ae said that the expressions of her eyes were so beautiful that she got dazed. Shin Eun Woo also expressed her affection for the veteran actress and said that she gave 100 percent to her acting which gave her confidence.

The World Of The Married Special

The special series broadcast also roped in experts who provided their analysis on why the characters made questionable decisions.

Lastly, the actors expressed their gratitude for the love given to this drama.

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