6 Must-Try Tips On How You Can Maximize Your Discover Seoul Pass

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Get the most out of your Discover Seoul Pass with these tips!

For a trip to Seoul, having a Discover Seoul Pass helps you get around the city and save money through its benefits, which include free admission to 35 attractions and discounts to numerous partner establishments.

It looks overly appealing especially for first-time travelers who want to make the most of their vacation and visit key attractions. However, as you step into the Land of the Morning Calm and browse through Seoul’s map and subway map, you will realize that 72 hours — the maximum duration of Discover Seoul Pass — will be probably insufficient to visit all 35 attractions included in the pass.

Discover Seoul Pass

DSP is available as a 24, 48, or 72-hour pass. (Photo from the DSP website)

So, is it possible to maximize your DSP? The answer is a resounding YES — and we got six tips on how you can get the most out of your pass.

But before we get down to the real business here, it’s best to know how much you are spending for a Discover Seoul Pass.

A 24-hour DSP costs 39,900 won, while a 48-hour DSP costs 50,000 won. You can also buy a 72-hour DSP for 70,000 won. Meanwhile, the Discover Seoul Pass – BTS edition sells for 39,910 won. To save more, you can purchase the pass through its official affiliates as they offer discounted prices.

Get Your Discover Seoul Pass Here.

#1 Plan Your Itinerary VERY WELL.

Whether you are using a DSP or not, planning your itinerary well by doing extensive and intensive research before your travel date saves you time and money.

As the pass limits you to either 24, 48, or 72 hours, list down the attractions included in the pass you want to visit. Then research on how far they are from each other, how to get there, and how much time it will take you. The advice is to visit places near each other.

For instance, N Seoul Tower is close to Namsangol Hanok Village (free coffee at Cafe Dalgang!) and Seoul Animation Center. Another example, for SM stans, you can spend an afternoon at SMTOWN@coexartium where you get free admission to SMTOWN Museum and SMTOWN Theater. Additionally, the building is close to Starfield COEX Mall where COEX Aquarium is situated.

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#2 Activate It In the Afternoon!

If you want to have more time in using your DSP, start using it in the afternoon as it will allow you to enjoy the free admission benefits of the pass for two days.

We did this with our 24-hour BTS pass, which we activated in the afternoon of May 27 after using it to enter the Running Man Thematic Experience Center. On the same day, we visited COEX Aquarium and SMTOWN Museum. The following day, we availed the Seoul Sightseeing Highlight Double-Decker Bus that we used as our transportation in going to Gwanghwamun; thereafter the Night Tour course of the Seoul City Tour Bus.

The actual cost breakdown:

  • Running Man Thematic Experience Center – 16,000 won
  • COEX Aquarium – 28,000 won
  • SMTOWN Museum – 18,000 won
  • Seoul Sightseeing Highlight Double-Decker Bus – 15,000 won
  • Seoul City Tour Bus – 15,000 won

In total, without DSP, our itinerary would cost 92,000 won. Considering that the BTS edition amounts to 39,900 won, through our passes, we saved 52,100 won — not inclusive of the transportation money we saved when we used the Seoul Sightseeing Highlight Double-Decker Bus to get to Gwanghwamun and Myeongdong.

Note:The BTS edition does not support T-Money function.

#3 Visit Attractions Which Will Cost A Lot Without Discover Seoul Pass

Another trick you can try is to use the Discover Seoul Pass in entering attractions which typically cost a lot without the pass.

Instead of using it to enter royal palaces whose entrance fees does not go beyond 2,000 won, utilize DSP in visiting attractions with expensive entrance fees such as Figure Museum W, Running Man Thematic Experience Center, N Seoul Tower Observatory, 63 Building, SMTOWN Museum, SMTOWN Theater, Trickeye & Ice Museum, MBC World, among others. Check out the full list of attractions which you can use the pass for free admission.

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Running Man Thematic Experience Center

#4 Make Use Of The Seoul City Tour Bus And The Seoul Sightseeing Highlight Double-Decker Bus

Two of the most useful benefits of Discover Seoul Pass are the Seoul City Tour Bus and the Seoul Sightseeing Highlight Double-Decker Bus.

Aside from allowing you to explore the city without worrying of getting lost — you get dropped off at the attraction itself — and while sitting comfortable on a bus, these tour buses also save you transportation money and time.

For more detailed information why you will love these tour buses, check out the link below *wink.

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(Photo from Discover Seoul Pass’s website)

#5 Avail Of the Discounts That Come With Your Discover Seoul Pass

Whether your pass expires after 24, 48, or 72 hours, you need not fret about and rush in, availing the discounted benefits that come along with your DSP because they don’t expire along with the pass!

You can avail the discounts at various partner establishments, performances, and so much more even after the end of the pass duration. So, I advise making the most out of the free admission benefits first, before availing the discounted benefits to fully maximize your Discover Seoul Pass.

Note: You can only use the pass for discounted benefits once.

#6 Ride the AREX and Take Opportunity of the Seoul Bike

Discover Seoul Pass includes a one-way, one-time ride on the Airport Railroad Express or AREX and a 24-hour rental of Seoul Bike regardless of the pass duration.

In claiming your free AREX ride, follow these simple instructions: 

  • Download and install the Discover Seoul Pass app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Register the pass by scanning the QR code or inputting the code.
  • Tap the photo of the registered pass.
  • It will then redirect to another page where you will see the “View AREX voucher” button. Tap this to see the voucher.
  • Finally, show the voucher code at the AREX ticket booth found at Seoul Station and Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and 2. Do note that a refundable additional deposit fare of 500 won is required for the AREX ticket.

Why use AREX?

If you want to comfortably travel to and fro Incheon Airport and Seoul, AREX is your best choice, especially for solo travelers. It offers fast, convenient, and comfortable travel from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and vice versa.

The ticketing booths for the express train are easy to find. Moreover, we love how it assigns seat numbers to its passengers, ensuring your place inside the train. In addition, it provides specific areas for luggage.

It’s fast, taking only 43 minutes from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Seoul Station and vice versa, and 51 minutes from Incheon Terminal 2 to Seoul Station and vice versa. There are free wi-fi and water available onboard too!

(Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)

For those who want to enjoy a different way of exploring Seoul, here’s how to rent a Seoul Bike using your DSP:

  • Download the Seoul Bike app from Google Play Store or App Store. You can also visit Seoul Bike’s website here.
  • For app users, click on “Foreign Tourist (Purchase vouchers)” on the main page before logging in as this is not available after log-in. For website users, click on the “Purchase a voucher”, then “OK”.
  • Select “Day voucher (one day)” and “Discover Seoul Pass” as your payment method.
  • Then, enter the 10-digit QR code of your pass and click “Make payment” to complete the purchase. Important: Remember the 8-digit rental number.
  • When renting a bike, press the home button located in the middle of the bike terminal. Enter the first four digits, then the last four digits.
  • Return the bike after using.

Seoul Bike has more than 150 rental stations in Yeouido, Sangam, Sinchon, the 4 Great Gates areas, and Seongsu. Check out the recommended bike tours here.

(Photo from visitseoul.net)