Top 8 moments from Fly To The Sky’s ‘You You You’

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South Korean R&B duo Fly to the Sky, consisting of members Brian Joo and Hwanhee, returns after a 5 year hiatus with an album titled ‘Continuum‘. 

The title track song You You You is a slow ballad with Brian and Hwanhee’s powerful, yet soulful voices emotionally captivating fans. Combining both of their voices; a strong harmony is produced as they both sing their hearts out. The song You You You swept across music charts, rising to number one a day after the release. Brian Joo confirmed this on his official Twitter account.

You You You – Fly to the Sky music video

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The heartbreaking music video for title track You You You leaves fans in awe, as the story line consists of both boys fighting over their true love, who is played by actress Im Joo Eun. Hwanhee steals Brian’s girl, who seems to have lost her memory, forgetting who she was actually in love with.

Top 8 moments from ‘You You You’

1. Let us all bathe in the beauty of Im Joo Eun and Hwanhee as they stroll down the street.



2. AWWW!






4. Yes, the part we were all waiting for!



5. Ouch! You can tell this must’ve hurt



6. And this punch was just brutal



7. If you thought that punch was brutal, how about this punch AND flip?



8. And finally, this was funniest scene!



So that was my top 8! What did you guys think? What were your favourite scenes in the music video?

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