“Twenty Five Twenty One” Lead Stars and Director Recount Filming Stories, Share Charming Points To Anticipate

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Layered with a nostalgic vibe and fueled by a talented cast, Twenty Five Twenty One is all set to stream on Netflix on February 12!

Definitely, a gift to anticipating viewers and romance story cravers, the series starring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk held the drama presentation earlier.

Together with Director Jung Ji Hyun, Kim Ji Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook and Lee Ju Myung – the cast and creator provided an overview of what to expect in the series.

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PRESS CONFERENCE: “Twenty Five Twenty One” Lead Stars And Director Disclose Series’ Overviews and Perspectives

Twenty Five Twenty One narrates the story of five young people from 1998 to 2001, who thought they would be together forever.  At the time, friendship was passionate; love was overwhelming, and despair was heart-wrenching. 

From the creative team’s perspective, Director Jung shared the intention of the historical setting in the story.

“Looking how young people go through the hardships in that time, it will be meaningful for the present time viewers because of the COVID 19 pandemic. It will resonate with them.”

Additionally, he echoes what writer Kwon Do Eun wanted to impart about the series.

“What sets it apart from other dramas is that it depicts the time period it is set in in the most realistic way possible and during the most difficult period in Korean History and it is depicted very well in this story.”

On Portraying Vibrant Characters

In the drama, Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk portray Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do respectively. They are the strength of the story. Their chemistry is amazing. The way they interpreted the characters was done nicely.

Explaining her reason why she picked the series and describing her character, Kim Tae Ri eloquently gave insights into Na Hee-do.

“The reason why I picked the show is that it was fun. It was a beautiful and kind story that makes you happy. It’s a character that is energetic, something I haven’t done before. That’s why I like it. The biggest charm of Hee-do is she’s very bold because she’s confident in herself. She knows what she likes, what her potential and what she wants.”

Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk also conveys his preparations and outlooks for his latest role.

“Actually, I didn’t focus on showing anything new when it comes to myself. rather I focus on showing diverse aspects of myself. I wanted to convey the right kind of portrayal to the viewers. So I actually communicated a lot with the actual sports journalists. And there are lots of scenes where I do the actual reporting. I constantly check if it’s the right way to go. Those small details were always on my mind.”

Assessing her character, Yu-rim, Kim Ji Yeon revealed that fencing is the most important thing in her life. Thus, she practiced a lot to suit the character. She has a lot of diverse characteristics.

As an influencer in the ’90s, Choi Hyun Wook worked hard for his role. He makes a resounding statement that “fashion is being confident”.

Lastly, Lee Ju Myung acquaints viewers with her smart character. “She’s kind of indifferent about everything. But she’s very honest about her emotions. I had to play DJ, broadcasting so I listened to audio files from the past,” she said.

On Cast Synergy

Director Jung emphasized how the time period and the characters go together as the charm of the story. Presenting friendship and romance stories, viewers can look forward to heartening scenes.

On describing their chemistry, the main leads are in synch with their thoughts.

“Immature and naive. Hee-do and Yi-jin are starting everything together. That’s what makes their chemistry attractive,” said Kim Tae Ri

“I think “youth” is also an apt word to describe us two,” shared by Nam Joo Hyuk.

Taking turns to invite the viewers, Lee Ju Myung asserted how the cast chemistry should be anticipated.

Moreover, Kim Tae Ri assures a few shining moments to be featured in the series.

Twenty Five Twenty One launches on February 12. International fans can watch it on Netflix.

Photos and Videos courtesy of Netflix | Live Twitter Thread via kdramadiary