TWICE’s Mina Discusses Music Genre She Wants To Explore, Songs She Listens To, And More In Allure Pictorial

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TWICE’s Mina took the center stage at Allure’s November issue and discussed the kind of music concept she wants to try in the future.

After celebrating their wonderful sixth debut anniversary, TWICE shows the world that they’re definitely on a roll. Fresh from the success of their English single “The Feels,” the group’s dazzling dancer Mina sat down with Allure magazine for its upcoming November issue.

Just recently, the fashion magazine has unveiled preview photos of Mina. In the released snapshots, the singer posed with stylish and functional ensembles. From a sophisticated maxi dress, monogram sweater, up to the teddy bear coat, TWICE’s Mina further nailed the pictorial with her charming styling.

Shot under the theme “Me, Myself, Mina,” the pictorial showcased the moments that the singer values the most.

“Young Lady”

Aside from the set of snapshots, Allure also gave a sneak peek at the idol’s accompanying interview to her fabulous pictorial.

She was asked what image that comes to her mind when thinking of a pictorial with the theme “young lady.”

The idol answered, “Perhaps because the concept was fun, the filming was exciting. When I think of “young lady,” I think of an image that is luxurious but a little bit traditional. It doesn’t feel too embellished or too fancy.”

TWICE's Mina

On having her solo pictorial

Previously, the group went in for a photo shoot with the magazine. This time, Mina is having her solo feature.

When asked about how she changes her mentality in shooting a solo pictorial, the “LIKEY” singer said, “I always want to take good pictures. When I’m with the members, I think more about harmonizing with each other. But in a solo pictorial, I can be more free and bold. Like today!”

On the idea of being good in dancing means posing better, the artist commented that since she performs a lot, she always tries a lot of things in front of the camera.

“I think a lot about the choreography because the stage is a team where nine people are together, and of course, the choreography is vital. But when I take pictures alone, it’s okay to do whatever I want.”

TWICE's Mina

Mina’s passion for music and dance

The singer also shared the difference between their comeback with “The Feels” and “Alcohol-Free.” “I think it was a new attempt for us. The genre is the same, and we’ve been busy with our choreography until now. But this time, we came back with a soft dance. The choreography was pretty, and the response was good in the United States, so I was satisfied.

Since it was rare to see TWICE perform dark and edgy songs on stage, she described how last year’s “Cry for Me” performance was a bit different.

“Personally, I really like “Cry for Me”. Our group may have an exciting and energetic image, but I think the track suited me well. I like it because it’s a song that could show a completely different side of me.”

TWICE's Mina

While TWICE’s musical colors are truly diverse, Mina mentioned that she wants to try another kind of genre.

“Now that we’ve tried a lot of things, I think the classical genre would be good, on the contrary to rock. Especially if we do classical music, I think the choreography will come out prettier.”

The lovely artist also revealed that she listens to rock music. She said, “I listen to a lot of band music too. There’s a Japanese band called “King Gnu”, and their songs are really good.”

Further expressing her love for music, Mina shared the songs she listen to before entering the K-pop industry. “I shared a music player with my brother and listened to a Japanese band he always listened to. I also listened to AKB48 and danced along to their choreography.”

The interviewer pointed out how she’s always been passionate about dancing, in which she totally agreed.

Meanwhile, fans can know more about TWICE’s Mina’s interview and see more of her alluring pictorial by grabbing the November issue of Allure Korea. You can also visit the magazine’s social media channels and official website for more information.

Source: Allure

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