This Is Where You Can Have The Best V Line Surgery In South Korea

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This is where you can have the best V Line surgery in South Korea.

Everybody has heard of the V line surgery, or aka facial contouring or aka chin reduction + genioplasty. It is a procedure sought after by many women to create a more symmetrical facial line. This procedure has been around for years and as more and more plastic surgery clinics pop up around the world, this means a number of patients will be getting this done by surgeons who have little to no experience on v line procedures.

Korea is probably the country where the v line surgery is carried the most and even so there are many inexperienced surgeons that produce botched results. This can range anywhere from an uneven face, to sagging skin to numbness on the face. This is why choosing a surgeon that has a lot of experience should be a top priority, not a clinic that gives huge discounts.

There are 2 different types of the v line surgery / procedures at Regen Plastic Surgery.

V line

The V line procedure is basically a jaw reduction and a T/V osteotomy performed at the same time. The amount of bone that is cut depends on how big the jaw bone / chin bone is. The jaw bone is cut from the bottom and the chin bone is cut in a T or an inverted V Osteotomy procedure. Pins are then placed on the chin to hold the bone in place during recovery which takes around a year.

v line surgery

V line Before/After


v line surgery

V line CT Scan (Front)


v line surgery

V line CT Scan (side)


V line surgery

Regen’s One-piece V line

This is similar to a v line procedure except a slight chin reduction is performed instead of an T/V osteotomy with pin placement. Because the bone from the base of the ear to the front jaw is cut in one piece, recovery is faster than normal v-line surgery, and although there is not much difference in the front jaw, the face looks slender even when viewed from the front.

V line surgery

One-piece V line Before / After


V line surgery

One-piece V line Before/After

What is the process of getting V line surgery like?

  1. Make an appointment via online or phone with desired clinic for a consultation.
  2. Take a CT, X-ray scan and discuss with surgeon about aesthetic goals
  3. Select a date for surgery
  4. Receive before surgery instructions and proceed with surgery
  5. Stay over night at clinic for 1 day for recovery.
  6. Visit the clinic every week for two weeks to check recovery progress.
  7. Remove the pins in the chin after 1 year ( this can be done at any clinic).


Dr. Myung June Oh, a facial bone specialist at Regen Plastic Surgery is one of the most popular surgeons in South Korea for the V line surgery procedure and is one of the pioneers of the procedures, introducing his know-how method at lectures at global conferences. Surgeons from across the world go to him to learn his methods for the procedure. He has performed the v line procedure on thousands of patients during his 10 + years medical career.

He was featured on CBS This Morning a few years ago explaining the plastic surgery craze in Korea.

If you are considering a V line procedure in South Korea, a visit with him should be an absolute must for V line surgery. You can also see his work on Real Self and can make a free online consultation here.


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