The Various Times That MONSTA X’s Wonho Gave Strength, Comfort, Love, And Motivation To Monbebe

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“Many” is an understatement to the number of times that MONSTA X’s Wonho touched the hearts of Monbebe.

Underneath those muscles and fierce stage image, MONSTA X’s Wonho has a soft heart which holds so much love for Monbebe as well as the people around him. Since he debuted with MONSTA X, he has shown thoughtfulness and sincerity especially towards their fans which had given them a plethora of moments filled with love to cherish.

In celebration of his birthday, we recounted some of the times that Wonho gave strength, comfort, love, motivation, and more to Monbebe below:

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As one of the master lyricists, composers, and producers in MONSTA X, Wonho has shared many beautiful masterpieces with the most heartwarming messages in its lyrics – and the best thing about them was that a good number of them were made by the singer with Monbebe in his mind. What else can make songs with titles like “I Do Love U” even sweeter, right?

We also love how he is always excited to make fans listen to the songs he works on, and nothing makes Monbebe prouder than seeing him shine in his element, basking in the beauty of his dream of making music come true.

His love for his fellow MONSTA X members also never fail to warm fans’ hearts. Whenever he gets the opportunity, Wonho always makes sure to show how much he cares for and treasures his six brothers.

In fact, he has proven himself over and over again to be one of all his groupmates’ top supporters by always being there to cheer them on, shower them with support, hype them up, and make sure that they receive the love that they deserve.

Aside from his fellow MONSTA X members, Monbebes are among the people Wonho holds very dearly.

His small but special and adorable ways of showing them his love and making them feel that he is just right beside them all hold special places in many fans’ hearts – and how could it not, when he makes sure to fill literally every V Live broadcast of his with him doing such heartwarming gestures?

The way he would stop to do things that would mean so much to Monbebe despite being in the middle of doing something or having a very busy schedule will never ever fail to remind us just how much he loves his fans.

He always remembers them anytime and anywhere – whether at the comforts of their own dorm or while out doing schedules. In fact, he always makes sure to include Monbebe as part of his days by greeting them with photos or videos of him backstage or after events or photoshoots a lot – may it be on fan cafe, V Live, or Twitter.

He has also shown previously that he will literally climb walls just to get closer to Monbebe – and seeing that happen will forever be engrained in our minds as one of the big things that Wonho will do for the people who show him love and support.

His sincere heart has also given many beautiful moments of him spurring out nothing but the sweetest words, gentlest advice, and most supportive thoughts to Monbebe – and all of which had taken special places in everyone’s hearts.

In one of his V Live broadcasts, Wonho even ended up giving a very timelessly helpful piece to Monbebe.

His heartwarming act of wiping down seats for Monbebes left wet by the rain at an event in Singapore also caught the eyes of many, including local news outlets who showered him with praises for his care towards his fans.

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Remember his “Have you eaten dinner, Monbebe?” and “Good Night” posts? A day hardly went by without this warm-hearted singer asking everyone such little but significant questions and showing that he will always be there to look out for Monbebe.

What’s the point of all of these if we do not mention the extremely heart-melting moments of Wonho asking security to let a late Monbebe in as well as giving his umbrella to fans while it was raining in a list of things that he has done which showed his love for Monbebe too, right?

We would honestly never get tired of mentioning the little things that he had done which are actually really sweet and show just how much he wishes to be his best for and around Monbebe.

One of the pieces of advice that he had given that we had kept close to our hearts as well was this, and it never fails to get us moving through the difficult times by keeping the words he uttered in our mind.

With all the heartfelt gratitude and sincere confessions he tells Monbebe during his concert ments, it is difficult to actually pick a favourite – albeit the most memorable one. Never had he failed to tug on our heartstrings with the overflowing love felt from his words – which always express how thankful he has been towards everyone, and how he will continue bringing love as much as he can.

After telling the crowd that he bought a camera in the past, the singer shared that “for the last two years, I spent a lot of time capturing many memories with it,” and he furthermore added a sweet promise, “Someday soon, I will show you guys everything I took. To all my lovable fans, I will dedicate it for you.”

“I’m really happy during the moments that we’re together but I keep imagining, what if things aren’t like that? I get scared when I imagine it. Because of you, I can live like this. Because of you, I can be happy like this, Because of you, I can laugh like this,” Wonho even told everyone in Seoul during their We Are Here concert.

“Wherever it is in my life, I won’t ever leave your side,” was a part of the promise he made to Monbebe during the We Are Here concert in Houston. Although he noted that he wasn’t in the best condition and apologized for it, Wonho made it a point to remind Monbebe that they are precious to him – and of course, that he loves them very much.

Of course, who can forget his ment from their first concert in Seoul?

“I have the highest gratitude to Monbebe. Thank you for making me so confident that I can come up on stage and sing. When we walked around the seats just now, I held hands with the other members’ parents and said hello,” he enthusiastically narrated.

“However, my parents were at the corner there where I couldn’t see them well. My parents watched my stage for the first time. So I also wanted to talk about my parents too during the concert, but this isn’t just a stage for my parents. It’s a stage for Monbebe, so I kept swallowing back my tears and thought that I should say it in the end,” he narrated before shedding tears on stage, with the boys surrounding him to comfort him right away.

He also makes the effort to talk in the native language of the countries they visit, in order to make Monbebe feel even closer to them as much as he could.

The list of the times that Wonho has given strength, comfort, love, motivation, and more to Monbebe could go on further – as it would be as endless as his love to them. During tough times in their lives, the singer has been among the people Monbebe could lean on and trust to help ease the burden that they feel.

With this, Monbebe hopes that Wonho can find strength, comfort, love, and motivation in them the same way that they find such in him. Like in the sweet song that he wrote, Monbebe will be here to always say “I do love you” to him.

On his special day, we hope he remembers all of these – and we hope that his smile and warm heart would never fade.

Happy birthday, Wonho!