K-Pop Music Spotlight: VIXX Ken – 1st Mini Album “Greeting”

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Ken unleashes his vocal talent in his 1st mini-album Greeting, where he shows his unique talent as a singer.

VIXX member Ken has started a new chapter in his career by releasing his first solo mini-album Greeting. Through the powerful tracks he prepared for his fans, he manages to bring out his own colors as a singer. Listeners would be able to not only hear but also feel every emotion through his singing.


Greeting Countdown Timeline

May 8 marked the day of the announcement for VIXX Ken’s solo mini-album. It briefly stated the details of its release date, time and the name Greeting.

Later, on May 10, the title track’s name along with a gentle image were unveiled. Some of the lyrics from the main song “Just For A Moment” were written over Ken’s hand, hinting at a ballad to be revealed later.

The official teaser photos were revealed on May 11. In the first two pictures, Ken shows off a lonely expression, accompanied by a vague gaze. In the next two photos he looks like a sculpture while radiating a unique aura, without posing in any special way.

On May 13, Ken posted another picture of his hand through the official SNS accounts. This time, it was to reveal a retro album cover, while later on the same day, the track list was also released.

The album was filled with an interesting set of songs, like a duet for which he collaborated with Monday Kiz and songs created by him and fellow groupmate Ravi.

The hype continued with the album’s highlight medley. Starlight were able to hear portions from each song on the mini-album. Despite short, the medley managed to show the emotions Ken put while recording his songs.

We finally got the MV teaser for “Just For A Moment” on May 18. The feeling it gave off through the melody is sadness, while the video itself showed Ken running to his lover. Just before he took his final step towards her, a transition occured which led into a vague frame.

The full MV was released along with the album on May 20th at 6 PM KST.

Greeting First Impression

Greeting includes a total of six tracks, one of them being the instrumental version of the title song. Ken allows listeners to feel the emotions not only through the melody and lyrics, but also through his sweet voice.

The title track “Just For A Moment” is a powerful and emotional ballad. The melody fluidly switches between pitches to perfectly emphasize on the emotions portrayed in the lyrics. The song is easily relatable as it tells of love and separation which everyone has experienced at least once in their lives.

Continuing with “To Us Who Have To Endure”, Ken brings us another ballad, a duet with Monday Kiz. The two singers’ vocals fit so well together that it brings a delightful experience, despite the heartfelt lyrics.

The highlight of the song would have to be the high notes which the two manage to pull off effortlessly. Another chilling part is when the singers harmonize their voices for an even more powerful effect on the listener.

“With All My Heart” starts with a fresh feeling, which repeats during the chorus parts and gives the song a brighter vibe. In addition, the simple melody uplifts the mood and is fitting for when a person wants to listen to something more chill, yet with a slightly playful beat.

“Meteor Shower” is a special part of the album due to the fact that Ken took part in composing the song.

With the lyrics, he portrays a reminiscence of meeting and falling for someone special, later realizing and declaring the love for that person. It holds a softer tune compared to the previous songs on the album but is just as strong emotion-wise.

Fellow VIXX member Ravi participated in composing, arranging and writing the lyrics for “So Romantic”. It is a more up-beat song about the excitement someone can bring into another’s life.

“Just for a moment” MV Afterthoughts

The MV for “Just For A Moment” has a simple setting but highly heart touching. It has two parts to it in general: one is the story which unfolds at the country side and the other one is inside, where Ken is sitting and singing in front of a television.

The video captures the happy moments shared with a loved one. It is the times in which the couple is simply together and spending time with each other without doing anything special. Being silly and talking seems enough in bringing happiness to both of them.

Sadly, near the end, when Ken goes to see her again, the feeling is completely different. The girl simply looks down and ignores him, indicating the two are no longer together.

The singer pours his emotions not only through his voice but his facial expressions as well. That is easily noticed during the singing scenes of the MV. It looks like he is reliving the happy memories, wishing to go back to them.

The TV screen shows what he wanted it to be, before the scene switches to the actual moment of the couple separating.

It is definitely easy to get into both, the song and the music video. Everyone has a moment in their lives where they were in that exact situation.

This song would be fitting for when a person feels nostalgic or simply is in a mood for something more emotional.

Source: VIXX Official Twitter and YouTube

Image Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment