Watch out One Direction, 2NE1 and BIGBANG has the ‘Best Band Style’

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All those daring outfits have paid off for 2NE1 and BIG BANG, who are nominated for MTV Style’s Best Band Style of 2012.

2NE1 and BIG BANG are no doubt one of the best dressed idol groups in the music industry thanks to their networking with foreign fashion designers and interest in exotic clothing pieces. The two groups’ cohesive styles of unconventional prints and studded jackets have landed them spots on the list of MTV Style’s Best Band Style Of 2012.

MTV Style has admitted their interest in 2NE1’s daring styles assembled by American fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Other than wearing his bold and outgoing clothing pieces, the girls actually serve as Scott’s muses and have a close relationship with him. MTV has also said that they have established “a soft spot for 2NE1 thanks to their propensity for all things bold and colorful.”

Label mate BIG BANG also appeared on the list and MTV Style emphasized its infatuation with the group by typing ‘obsessed’ in capital letters. MTV Style says the group has “unbridled energy”, dons “hyper-saturated streetwear”, are “tonsorial” risk-takers, and the members, particularly G-Dragon and T.O.P, wear Minx nails.

Other groups and bands that are also featured on the Best Band Style Of 2012 list include British boy bands One Direction and The Wanted, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, fun., HAIM, and No Doubt.

Source: MTV Style

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