Some Wise Words From MONSTA X’s I.M That Will Remind You Of His Beautiful Mind

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He is what he is – and that’s exactly what makes MONSTA X’s I.M the best.

Despite being the youngest in MONSTA X, I.M has proven his wisdom over and over again with the very meaningful words and thoughts that he shares and expresses. May it be in an interview, V Live, awards speech, or concert ment, the rapper has given some of the most insightful and truthful takes regarding a variety of things.

monsta x i.m

In celebration of his birthday, let us remember some of the wise words from MONSTA X’s I.M which will definitely remind you of his beautiful mind:

Confidence and Self-Love

The MONSTA X member has always been best known among their fans for being unapologetically himself – a genuineness, confidence, and sincerity that has always been appreciated.

“I am what I.M: the meaning of this phrase literally means to be “I am what I am”- stay true to yourself for who you are,” he explained to Spring Magazine for their October 2017 issue.

“I feel the most comfortable when I’m honest with myself,” the rapper also said in an interview with Refinery29.

During an interview with Allure, I.M also talked about the idea of K-Pop idols – may it be female or male – having pristine and unblemished skin as a “standard”.

Admitting that he feels pressured with how his skin is put under such a public microscope and sharing what he views as an actual important part of their “skincare routine”, the young K-Pop idol said, “We are celebrities, and we care about our skin so much. But 24/7, [our skin] can’t always be fine and always be clear, so I think a positive mind is part of getting better skin. Even if our skin is bad, we don’t really care.”

Monsta x i.m

He has also said the same thing in an interview with Earmilk – emphasizing that no matter what you do, all that matters is loving yourself for being, yes, you.

“In the end, I think that taking care of yourself is loving yourself. Every single person needs to learn how to love themselves. Everyone has their own charm — a really original charm point you cannot change, even through plastic surgery. And I think if you embrace that, and try to enhance that, it can’t be a bad thing. The point is that everybody needs to love themselves before they can start to love somebody else,” he shared.

Monsta x i.m


As a rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, composer, and all-around performer, there is no doubt that music plays a big role in I.M’s life. His beautiful thoughts on music have also managed to win the hearts of fans – and this mindset that he has kept had been there since his very start as a rapper.

“Although I have always liked raps, I started rapping because I liked the possibility of being able to express my hidden thoughts through it. I think that in rap, I can honestly express things like my stories, emotions, feelings, and messages that aren’t usually shown in music,” the MONSTA X member shared about his beginning as a rapper in an interview with Nylon Japan.

He also explained their own music and the messages they wish to come across with it in such a meaningful and touching way that can only be made by him.

“We are connected, we are one, and you are not alone. That’s why the Take.1 album name is Are You There? — you’re looking for a savior, looking for comfort. And the answer is in Take.2: We are here. We can be those people for you,” he explained two of their albums in a solo interview with Earmilk.

Monsta x i.m

K-Pop And Breaking Barriers

In the same interview, he shared his well-thought-out take on why K-Pop has been winning hearts all over the world – despite the cultural and language barriers that may separate them from their listeners.

“This distance between you and me is so much closer when you’re feeling the music along with me while I’m performing, or when we send messages on social media. It’s a more friendly, connected relationship. I think that’s why people love K-pop,” the rapper said.

During their concert in New York last year for their WE ARE HERE tour, he also gave a powerful speech about K-Pop.

“There’s a lot of preconceptions about K-Pop, like K-Pop’s still like a fad. ‘Why do you guys like it? You guys don’t even understand the language.’ What? I mean, for crying out loud,” I.M said at the show.

“None of us are born in the US. We’re all Korean and I know that we’re not all good at English, but I believe music is another language. So, if you feel the same, then we are the same. [To those] Who thinks K-Pop is a bad thing – let’s make them shut up!” he declared, earning a huge amount of agreeing screams from the New York crowd.

Inspirational and Uplifting Advice

I.M, as fans know, also has a gold mine of the most precious pieces of advice in the world.

In fact, one of Monbebes’ favourite quotes from him was his uplifting answer when asked by Idolator about his words for fans who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

“Life cannot be always sunny. It sometimes rains, snows, and more. That’s why life is beautiful,” the rapper said.

On the same interview, he also shared how he manages to look after himself physically and mentally with a workload as heavy as theirs – which also makes a piece of wonderful advice for everyone.

“I try to keep inspiring myself that I am a strong person inside,” the young rapper said.

His advice to his younger self, as asked during an interview with Korea Now, is also a very insightful nugget of wisdom that perhaps everyone should keep in mind.

“The line I try to keep is sometimes too much. I would say that line is not drawn by the society but yourself,” I.M shared, touching on how your life depends on yourself – and not even society nor other people can and should make your decisions for you.

Loving Words

He has also never failed to reassure Monbebes of his never-ending love – as expressed in his ending ment in their recent fan con in Seoul. “The word “Monbebe” makes me very happy even just by hearing it. Thank you for being that for me,” the young idol sweetly told everyone.

Of course, his heartwarming words also reflect on his music. “I’ll fly to you wherever you are/ Close your eyes, I’ll always be by your side/ I’ll take you there if you want/ Even if it’s higher than heaven,” he sang in his mixtape “Fly With Me” which also contains the line “We have each other’s breaths so there’s no worry”.

And if you ever feel down, he has uttered the simple words you need to hear – “What have you done today? You did a great job. You did well”.

His Most Iconic Line AKA Monbebes’ Ultimate Mantra

Lastly, we bring the spotlight to what may perhaps be I.M’s most iconic line and wise words that had blessed the K-Pop industry: “Blakk blakk blakk/ Can’t block block block/ You’re blah blah blah/ Stop ta, talking”.

No, we’re just kidding – we actually meant his iconic speech at the 2019 V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT after they won a spot at the award ceremony’s Global Top 12. Bringing on a power mantra for dealing with naysayers, we would like to remind the world that this wise man had said: “Let the haters bark!”

With his beautiful mind and heart, I.M had given Monbebes a lot of strength and inspiration like the light in the dark that everyone needs. We are sure that there are many more golden nuggets of wisdom that the youngest MONSTA X member has said – and will continue to say – which had comforted Monbebes and served as their new mantras to live by.

As good as he is with words, words actually fail to describe and convey perfectly how wonderful he is as a person. We hope he continues to live by his catchphrase “I am what I am” and have all the happiness he deserves as he continues to be himself.

Happy birthday, I.M!

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