K-Pop Music Spotlight: With Woollim Creates A Comforting Experience With Digital Single “Relay”

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With Woollim reveals a heartwarming single through their first ever group song “Relay”.

The project With Woollim had the goal of creating a comforting song for music lovers everywhere. “Relay” is exactly that type of song and you won’t regret it if you give it a listen.

With Woollim


Just a week before its planned release, Woollim Entertainment revealed their new project, which is a collaboration between all the artists under their management.

Excluding the idols who are currently doing their military service, the featured artists include INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu, Woollim Rookie, Golden Child, Rocket Punch and Lovelyz.

On the next couple of days, a series of trailers were published on the agency’s official YouTube channel. Each one contained an artist or group involved in the project.

Afterward, With Woollim revealed a music video teaser for the song “Relay” on May 28. It included all the participating idols and showed a glimpse of the comforting song which was prepared for fans. The full song and music video were released on May 31 at 6 PM KST.

The final teasers, released on May 30, included a recording making and a group photo. From both, people can tell the bond between Woollim artists, who showcased a family-like feel.

With Woollim


The With Woollim project did a splendid job, especially in terms of sticking to its goal of providing a healing experience to listeners. Transcending language barriers, the song itself will be enough to make anyone feel comforted.

Its music video was simple but effective in spreading its message as well. The artists are purely singing, showing a bright image and lighting up the darkness, as they thrive to make their fans smile.

The lyrics “You’re not alone / I’m by your side” are just a small part of all the supportive lines during the song. “Relay” will warm listeners’ hearts and make them feel a part of something.

During hard times, a person always feels helpless and alone. With its soothing message and calming tune, this is the perfect song to listen to when one needs a gentle lift of their mood.

Through the lyrics, the artists affirm that it is okay to take things slow and take a break when things seem too hard. Additionally, the words to the song also showed that a short distraction to ease their mind is what a person needs in order to put a smile on their face.

With this group project, With Woollim proves once again the importance of music. There is a reason why it is called a universal language and that shows while listening to “Relay”.

Videos and images from Woollim Entertainment