X1 Members Share Stories About Their Dorm Life In Recent “Idol Radio” Guesting

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ONE IT, are you ready to know more fascinating stories from your favorite boy group X1?

South Korean rookie boy group X1 has recently graced MBC’s Idol Radio as their very first public broadcast appearance.

Starting off the show with a captivating performance of their debut title track “Flash”, the boys immediately received passionate cheers from the crowd who were watching by the glass windows of the studio.

Seung Woo, Kim Yo Han, Kim Woo Seok, Song Hyeong Jun, Cho Seung Youn, Son Dong Pyo, Lee Han Gyul, Nam Do Hyun, Cha Jun Ho, Kang Min Hee, and Lee Eun Sang then greeted everyone with special individual photo time. Soon after, Idol Radio’s enthusiastic host Ilhoon began to congratulate the group for bagging multiple records already in the K-Pop scene.

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Throwing out various interesting questions to the handsome and talented boys, the BTOB member went on to ask the current situation of the group’s dorm life.

Who are the Roommates in X1?

Living together for almost two months now, X1 generously talked about what their dorm is like and shared who are the roommates in the group.

Firstly, the boys revealed that they actually have two floors in their dorm with three bedrooms and two bathrooms each.

Occupying the first floor are the hyungs of the group Seungwoo and Wooseok, who use rooms by themselves, and younger members Cha Jun Ho, Kang Min Hee, and Song Hyeong Jun sharing a room together. The second floor, on the other hand, has three pairs of roommates namely Cho Seung Youn and Lee Han Gyul, Kim Yo Han and Son Dong Pyo, and Nam Do Hyon and Lee Eun Sang.

Getting a bit curious about how the room assignments were determined, the Idol Radio host then asked the story behind it.

“First of all, the amazing 18-year-old members first came up with the idea that the oldest members should have their own rooms. So the amazing 18-year-old members gave up their rooms first,” Wooseok adorably answered.

Han Gyul likewise shared that after giving the two rooms to Seungwoo and Wooseok, the remaining members eventually picked their roommates. “We just decided on who would room with whom first and then we played rock, paper, scissors, to see who gets the better room,” he said.

What do X1’s rooms look like?

Aside from revealing the story on how they got their rooms, each of the members was also given a chance to introduce and describe what kind of room they have.

“I have a lot of lights in my room so I can turn off some of the lights when I work on my music at times. I also bought some nice bed sheets so I can sleep well,” Wooseok began.

“My room smells really nice. I have a lot of candles. And personally, my room is kind of like a place where people come to talk about their problems. All the members come to my room at night and they won’t let me go to bed,” Seung Woo, X1’s leader then revealed.

Additionally, Min Hee took charge to share the situation in their room. “I want to turn the lights off before I go to bed because my eyes hurt. Whenever I try to go to bed, one of them (Jun Ho, and Hyeong Jun) always have the lights on to look for something,” he candidly said.

Describing how their room looks like, Eun Sang says, “Our room is like a studio. You can always hear Do Hyun working on his music. “

Nodding to what his roommate said, Do Hyun, the group’s genius maknae also bared another detail about their room. “We use bunk beds where Eun Sang stays on the top while I use the bottom one. Eun Sang always fall asleep first,” he unveiled.

Having been able to win the rock paper scissors game, Han Gyul and Seung Youn were able to obtain the biggest room on the second floor. The two said that it smells as good as Seung Woo’s room and they have a big closet to use. Moreover, they even added lights to achieve the café-like atmosphere that they wanted to have.

Lastly, X1’s center Yo Han expressed how happy he is to be able to share the room with Dong Pyo by saying, “We don’t have a dressing room inside our room, but we have it separately. And more than anything, we have the cute member Dong Pyo in our room,” he laughingly shared.

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Meanwhile, ONE IT can know more fascinating stories about X1 by watching their first-ever Idol Radio episode through the show’s official V Live channel.

Source: Idol Room’s V Live

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