Yang Hyun Suk Says BLACKPINK Will Fill In For 2NE1

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But will BLACKPINK meet fans’ expectation?

YG Entertainment’s new girl group BLACKPINK had a showcase for its debut single album SQUARE ONE at Gangnam on August 8.

Member Jisoo said: “It was a pressure to debut as YG Entertainment girl group in seven years, but we will showcase the most perfect look. We will also do our best for live performance to not smear our senior label-mates’ names.”

Yang Hyun Suk expressed his thoughts on the group: “(I) made a group Swi.T 20 years ago, and it did not do good. Seven years ago, I debuted 2NE1. Today it is BLACKPINK. I am not sure whether it’s because of debuting a girl group after so long, I feel pressured and worried.’

He continued, “It is a difficult situation for 2NE1 to promote for a while. BLACKPINK will fill in the empty period (hiatus) as YG Entertainment girl group’s representative. So it is sensitive and concerning.”

BLACKPINK consists of four members; Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa and Jennie, with an average age of 19 years old.

Watch their double title tracks’ music videos below:

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